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I’m a little. Through and through. It genuinely brings me joy to hold my stuffy and watch cartoons. Even my thoughts are little! And I got lucky and found the Daddy of my dreams two years ago. I introduced her to this lifestyle and we fit the aesthetic perfectly
But I have a BIG control issue! Whenever Daddy tries to assert dominance I circumvent it however I can. I get attitudes and throw tantrums. :devil: They’re not as bad as they used to be, but I feel like I’ll lose something by completely giving up control. This happens with sex sometimes, too. She often comments that I’m like a teenager now: Cryptic and aloof and only happy when she’s buying me something. Could it be that I’ve grown up?? Maybe I’m a switch?? :-?:
I know I’m my heart that Daddy is the one I’ve been searching for and she’ll do anything for me, including waiting for me not to be such a brat. But I can’t make her wait forever while I figure out my issues.
Has anyone else been through this?? :derp:
its a common issue but if u really love her you can fix it try to talk to your daddy abour rules and punishments its helped with my litte and im strict about em otherwise its a respect game hope this helped
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