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I think I'm a Mid/Preteen but I'm not sure. how do I know for sure?

I love legos, reading, stuffed animals, pokemon.

I'm new to the whole little scene and I would really appreciate some help. most of what I know about the DDlg is from fanfiction to be honest so it would be nice to have someone to answer my questions.
The closest way to “know for sure” is to compare your preferences to expected age-ranges of chronological children.
An easier way to search for that is asking your preferred search engine what X year olds like to do, what shows are good/popular for X age-range, what X age group is interested in, and what skills and knowledge would be expected of an age group.

You may also be able to use your own past and memory to identify some stagnation or regression toward such a specific age or age-range. That is likely how you first really began to realize you’re not the typical adult, and is something you can put time into thinking about and investigating that’s definitely directly and specifically about you.

Trust your feelings on this and don’t over-analyze yourself. Don’t let other people figure you out—only you truly know who you are inside. You will not be an exact copy of a biological preteen and that is okay. Look for what frequently matches up and just embrace your differences without being overly concerned about your labels.
WillowShore wrote: 1 year ago thank you. I don't really have anyone I can talk about this kind of stuff with. My family is generally not very understanding of those with... lets call it "alternative lifestyles."
I can understand. Sometimes having someone who not only accepts you but also understands and is willing to just listen to your thoughts is most valuable.

We do have an active chat room here you are more than welcome to join. We do keep it moderated and friends here are welcome to discuss both little-based topics as well as general, unrelated topics. The people here are welcoming, and I feel like you'd quickly settle into having some really great conversations, not only about your regression/littlespace.
Feel free to pop in sometime if you haven't already.
I wouldn't get too caught up in labeling yourself. Being able to put a name to a feeling can help us to discuss our feelings and express ourselves to the people close to us, but relying too much on a label can have the opposite effect because ultimately how you feel is going to be specific to you. Its definitely not a bad thing to learn all you can from what others have experienced and try to apply that to yourself for direction. Just be careful you apply the label to yourself and not yourself to the label, as can sometimes become the case.
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By Jessiemarsh
I'm new to this to. I was always told I was childish, spoiled, didnt act my age. I never knew bout this so I'm very excited to learn more 😁😁😁😁😁 :craze:
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