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So I'm completely new to this whole concept of littles and everything... I'm 19 and the "real world" completely shuts me down and I get so stressed that I dont want to be an adult in the world anymore. I'm not super little or anything but I tend to act sleepy when I'm with my boyfriend and it's late and I'll use a childish voice to be funny and everything... I sleep with my boyfriends bear at night and my boyfriend does almost everything for me like hes my parent and not my boyfriend. Idk if that even qualifies as a little but I'm confused by the whole thing so any help on this would be great! I feel sorta bad for my boyfriend for having to basically take care of me? Idk how to feel about all of this.
Age regression is often a very soothing and comforting experience for people. It’s a way to escape from the pressures of the world and exist in a place that is safe and happy. Maybe experiment a bit with it and see how it makes you feel.

You also don’t have to identify as a little to enjoy little things! Sleeping with a stuffie as an adult is perfectly valid (and pretty darn adorable)! Using a cute or childish voice when you’re feeling sleepy or vulnerable is not uncommon. It’s perfectly okay to embrace that younger part of you whether you identify as little or not! :pinkh:

If you feel any guilt about your boyfriend taking care of you in any way, I really encourage you to talk about it with him and let him know how you’ve been feeling. He should be willing to listen to your needs, desires and concerns without judgment. He may be excited about this part of you and may be interested in nurturing this part of you. If not, you can always explore this more on your own.

I hope everything works out!
Hey :hi:
So I get to feeling this way too, often wondering if I'm just being over-pampered by being a little, even if I only get to have a big around only once in a blue moon. But I actually asked this question a little while ago, I wanted to know from a big's perspective, essentially 'what do bigs get out of a little/big relationship' I found the response that I received to be really helpful, and I think you'd really benefit by taking a peak at that conversation as well :yes:
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