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I'm a lesbian, and also a little, but though I can only see myself in a relationship with a woman, I'm also absolutely not into having a "Mommy." What I really want is a woman who's okay with being called Daddy. I'm worried that it'll be a bit hard to find a woman who's okay with that, or a woman who's okay with being in that dynamic with another woman in general. I don't have a ton of actual experience with DDLG, so maybe this is an unfounded fear, but I'm curious if anyone else feels the same way or has any thoughts.
I can’t say the same since I’m a Mommy myself, but I do have a couple of points to share.

If you are dearly important to someone then it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities that they at least consider non-traditional nicknames you suggest. CGL partnerships are emotionally based, certainly involving romantic feelings of love, so I feel a Caregiver is more likely to at least be opening to discussing your feelings on this matter. Love can definitely encourage a person to be more open to their partner’s preferences.

The CGL community is extremely open to gender and sexuality differences. We seem to be a very diverse and accepting community.

It may be better that you don’t look only specifically for women already identifying within the community. You may want to have a broader approach initially, with the plan to explain your little personality trait if you feel the relationship may be viable and that they are displaying Caregiver traits. Finding a woman who is comfortable being referred to as “Daddy” first might be easier, could be an indicator that they’re unknowingly a part of our community, and then you can feel out if a personality match is possible.

Lastly, on DateCGL I’ve seen a few accounts of Caregivers who are women and who prefer to be called Daddy. While it may not be the typical preference, it certainly does exist.

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