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This may not make any sense and im sorry if so but i am confuzzled right now

I feel like i may be an age regressor sometimes i feel like i am 3-5yrs old but then sometimes i am myself i twied looking in FAQ but i couldnt find what i wanted someone help me pwease

im so conffuzled, this is all so new to me :tears: :sleep:
Yes, absolutely!

Littles are little by personality. That means sometimes you probably feel “more little” than other times. That fluctuation is very normal, and it’s how Littles are able to lead relatively normal jobs and take on tasks such as school assignments, careers, and maintain friendships.

You aren’t a little sometimes. You’re always a little. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel or seem as obvious, but that’s how all of this goes.

Being a little won’t make you forget or lose what you already know and can do. It won’t prevent you from learning and doing even more wonderful things. Littles are always stuck in some heavily regressed state, and no little will ever be the exact replica of a child.

So, enjoy who you are and how you are! You might be a little quirky, but you’ll continue to learn how to appropriately manage that as you continue learning about life.

Enjoy your path! :hugs:
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