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I think a great way to tell friends and family is to gently “drop hints” for awhile first. Be a little goofy around them every now and again. Ask for a stuffed animal for your birthday or Christmas. Show them that you’re naturally a little bit childish. You don’t need to fully regress or anything but show them that you’re playful, goofy, and just a little bit childish sometimes.

Then, if you want to casually drop that you found out there’s a name for being a little bit childish as an adult then you can. Otherwise, them passively accepting you being a bit childish as a part of who you are has already been done. You have to ask yourself an important question then: do you really need them to put this label on you to feel like you’re accepted or has that actually already happened without having to have them outright say it? Logically, nothing would change at that point really, right? So, maybe you don’t need to be labeled by everyone then.

Acceptance is a unique thing. You don’t always have to have the person label you as something for them to accept you.

We also have an article on coming out as a little you could look over for any ideas or thoughts.

Enjoy your path! :hugs:

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