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Hey, Im a new mommy to a sweet and polite little boy. Even my little is new this. For us it's completely online and long distance.

I need some tips about how to make my little more open up. He is very shy and I do understand he might require time to open up. But it's been confusing. He started opening up more and more and then I feel now he is again closing off. I asked him a couple of times if he wants me to do something more or less but he says he thinks he likes the way I am now, but he still remains closed off than before.

Please help me out if you can.
I think that as you two continue to communicate frequently you’ll bond deeper. The bond will lead to your partner feeling more relaxed with you, allowing them to be most vulnerable at times. I think this will just naturally occur as you walk this path together and you get to know each other more and more. I don’t think this is something you can rush, and the long distance aspect certainly can slow down some bonding that would happen through sharing experiences (but it’ll still happen at a distance, just possibly a little slower).

Just try your best to be patient, encourage your partner to always be themselves, and praise them when they do share more of their regression with you. All relationships grow.

To have conversations centered around this shared interest you two may ask some basic get-to-know-you questions, read resources together to exchange your thoughts on these subjects, and explore joining communities and chat rooms. The CGL bond certainly extends past the regression experience itself so feel free to get involved together in online groups too!

There’s also a Caregiver community you may want to join to get advice from more caregivers.

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