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Okay so like I dunno if I can even ask here. But last night I think I regressed while making a playlist and it felt so surreal. I was kinna wondering though, when I regress is it supposed to feel like my Middle self is an Alter? I felt soooo relaxed and like I was 16 again. It was so strange but it was nice cause that never happened before.
Age regression, as we refer to it within the community, is not a mental illness, impairment, or disorder. That being said, you should always feel in control and aware of yourself. It shouldn’t ever feel like you’ve truly forgotten how to function, maintain your own levels of safety, or perform important tasks that may unexpectedly come up in the moment. You shouldn’t feel like you’re “watching” yourself do something, as if you’re only a passenger in your body.

The term alter implies that a different consciousness has taken over and that you aren’t in control of your body’s decisions. If that is actually happening then that is not littlespace or regression. That would be a psychological condition that only licensed therapist can, and should, treat. You may simply be misusing the term alter, in which you can easily stop doing so and use more appropriate wording to explain those moments.

It’s absolutely okay if you felt so carefree, relaxed, and safe enough to express yourself through regression that you felt very youthful again. In the end, moments of deeper regression is just the physical manifestation of self-expression, and every person needs to have those times in their lives. Endorphins can absolutely play a role in feeling very positive when you feel that sort of freedom of expression you’ve kept bottled up. I hope that you continue to feel this sort of elation when you get these opportunities to express through regression. :hugs:
Desphiria wrote: 1 month ago I guess it's more like, I'm still an adult but I feel younger? Ehh that probably doesn't make sense either. XS
This does make a lot of sense. :nodyes:

Generally, that’s just referred to as “a littlespace experience” or “deeper regression”. Like I was saying, it’s cool that you felt carefree, relaxed, and safe enough to express yourself through regression. There’s nothing bad about feeling good about yourself. Enjoy those endorphins from feeling free! Feeling youthful and free is great to be able to experience. I’m excited for you to realize these moments more in the future! :shuff:
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