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Soo here is the deal. In the last week's I was often to tired when I got home from university to fully enjoy my time when I can get into littlespace. Because of that I often get ready for bed and just cuddle with my plushies for a bit before I sleep. Has anyone else this Problem and knows some ways to not get tired in little space? I just feel often really sad when I see my pencils all lonely because I'm to exhausted to draw. :ninni:
It could be a change in the routine, change in diet or stress in the environment you're in. I have to have a routine to keep me grounded so if i dont complete the routine or it changes. It tends to effect me days sometimes weeks. Maybe put on something that is exciting like a show or movie(pirates of Caribbean). Music helps, i have a whole playlist just with upbeat rhythms and songs that i like to dance/sing or both to. Only other thing would be stimulant such as coffee but i dont recommend that if you are about to sleep within a few hrs. Hopes this helps :splode:
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