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By karu
I haven't had much opportunity to get into little space lately because my roommate has always been home. One of my friends is going out of town for a long weekend and needs a cat sitter so they asked me, plus they said I could stay there if I wanted instead of going back and forth. So now I'll have a whole house all to myself to do what I want! And I can pretend I have a kitty, too!

But now the real do I go about having a fun time being small at someone else's place? I don't have a car so the amount of stuff I can take with me is going to be limited, so only a small stuffie (no ikea shark :( ). I'll go to the grocery store for food/snacks, but I will have to think carefully about what to bring.

Does anybody have experience with this? What little stuff do you take with you on a weekend trip?
Depending on what kind of overnight bag or backpack you have, I'd pack your stuffy, a favorite set of jammies, and your favorite littlespace movies. Since you are going grocery shopping you can get your comfort foods, and playing with a kitty will be fun! You may not be able to throw yourself completely into Littlespace, but at the very least this will give you some small comforts you can just enjoy with privacy. Depending on what is there, maybe you could make a blanket or pillow fort with bed stuff there, provided you put it back before they get home. Of course this is just my suggestion, if anyone else has something more elaborate, I'm sure they can help.
I truly hope you enjoy the time away, and I wish you luck! :stuffie:
It really depends on your interests. Puzzles, books, coloring books or workbooks, sudoku, word finds, crosswords, craft supplies, movies...And of course any comfort items- a blanket, a particular item of clothing, etc. Little-ing is really in your head though- and I mean that in a good way. It's not the clothes or the items around you, it's your attitude and feelings, so allow yourself to mentally really get into it. Like they say, feeling leads to healing. Enjoy your trip!
First Question: How long is the long weekend going to be?

Is it just Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday? Or longer? If it was for too long I would be taking more stuff.

Second Question: Have you ever slept without your favorite pillows/sheets/blankies?

Me I would be taking pillows and leg pillows, most likely if it was longer than 2 nights. I would ask about their sheets if they were cotton or polyester. That would make a difference of what I would be taking sheet wise/ blankie wise.

Third Question: Have you looked into their bathroom and seen what they have or are you going to be taking stuff for showers/baths?

Cuz I would just be taking toothbrush, and toothpaste, and three in one stuff, for washing body/hair, if they didn't have anything I liked for showering.

Last Questions: Have you packed your clothes, and are you doing anything else this weekend that may require clothes that are for going outside, outside of going to the store?

Me, I would make sure I have two sets of clothes that are for going out around people.
Q1: 3 days/2 nights

Q2: I have, I used to do a lot of business trips, and I would never sleep very well. I can do it, it's just really difficult to fall asleep. I packed a small stuffie and my blanket.

Q3: I have a toiletries bag that already has tiny bottles of stuff in it. I can be sensitive to scents sometimes so I like having my own stuff

Q4: I packed a seperate little-ing outfit haha. I don't plan on doing anything outside besides walking to the stores.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't intentional, but in the guest room is a desk with some stuff on it, including a 64 pack of markers! That is waaaaaaaay more than the 10 I have and brought with me! So I'll have a lot of fun coloring :)
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