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I want too start this thread by saying this is the first post I've made on this site at all, and as such I'm sorry if this is inappropriate for the place that I'm posting it in. I did my best to search for the correct location, and to the best of my (admittedly limited) knowledge this is it.
I would also like to state that I have dyslexia, so I often misspell words, or otherwise struggle with sentence structure, as such I do appreciate corrections, as long as they aren't harsh or degrading.

Despite the what the title of this thread may make you think, I'm not unfamiliar with this community, I've known about it for at least seven years and I've identified as a little for four or so years, that's where the issues arise however. I'm not sure I'm actually a little, I'm not sure if the things I identified as making me a little are, in fact, a common set of identifiers to make someone a little.

I suppose I should start with what these identifiers are; I have to larger categories for these, one can me summarized as childish things I enjoy, and the other is more of a relationship dynamic. For the sack of structure I'm going to be starting with the less winded and simplistic of these two: the childish things I enjoy. To put it simply, there are a handful of things I enjoy which are often viewed as more childish, a handfull of examples are, hidden picture books, children's cartoons, and too this day I still look down the toy isle at stores and have a fairly strong desire to play with them. That all being said, I don't regress when doing these things, I'm still the same mental age I always am, they are simply things I enjoy that are childish, they don't make me regress into being more childish. For that reason I often contribute these things to my autism (I have autism) rather then being a little. I'm not sure what to make of that to be honest, I often hear about someone doing these things in regards to it helping them regress or being in a little state of mind.

The more complex of these two is the relationship dynamic I enjoy. It's worth noting that I'm not talking about sexually here, I'm submissive in that regard and I'm not exactly questioning it, this is more so about a more daily dynamic. For a somewhat comprehensive list some of the things I enjoy are as follows:

My hair being played with.
Being Doctored
Someone cooking me meals.
Someone driving me, rather then driving myself.
Having my outfits be picked out for me.
Someone making me a schedule.
Someone grooming me (doing my hair, helping me wash myself.)
Someone setting out rules for me to follow.
Someone setting me a bedtime.
Someone reading me a bedtime story.

I feel like this list can be pretty accurately summed up as someone doing something to/for me. It's a list of things that, too the best of my knowledge, alot of littles want. That all being said, I still don't regress when these things are done to me. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy these things, I want a relationship involving them fairly badly, but I don't think I've ever been in a situation where these things have been done to me and I've regressed back to a childish state of mind. There is a caveat to that however, I've never experienced this kind of relationship IRL; I've had these things done to me IRL, which is why I realize I want this out of a relationship, and I've had a handful of very short lived online relationships, however due to the nature of these things, alot of them aren't exactly feasible online.

There's one last thing I would like to state in regards to this and that's weather or not I've ever regressed. The answer: I'm not sure. There have been times in online realtionships where I pretended to regress, or at least I think I was pretending, I'm actually unsure if I was pretending or not. I enjoyed it though, like I really enjoyed it, but I had to force myself? Does it count as regressing if you force yourself to regress or is that just pretending? And if it is just pretending why did I enjoy it? It's also worth noting that it felt wrong. I'm not sure if it felt wrong because I thought I was lying to myself or because I felt like I was lying to the person I was with. I'm really not sure. I'm just really unsure.
I'm offering my opinion because I have struggled with wondering whether I counted as a little, so I can empathize.
I am not quite sure whether I regress, or I just get a little more giggly and my pitch shifts when things that make me feel small are involved. That being said I don't think you need to completely be lost in a headspace to be considered a little. The "How do I know if I'm a Little" article under the resources page was a great help to me, and it may help you too. Personally I think the interests you have and the things you want out of a relationship indicate that you are. As far as regression goes, you may not have been sure how real it was, or if you were just pretending, but you did enjoy doing it. I think that is what matters, you like it. In a sense regression is a sort of way we can pretend. Littles don't necessarily transform into other people, regression/littlespace is a comfort.
I'm sure others who are more used to regression could offer more detailed answers, but just know you are not alone in wondering this. A lot of littles feel this way about themselves. I think you are valid :stuffie:
Edit: The What is Littlespace article is also helpful, I know you've done your research, it could just be helpful to see the way it is described in this case. It looks like according to this article, Littlespace/regression isn't necessarily always changing one's mentality, but often times an exaggerated expression of personality traits or enthusiasm for the child like interests through "exaggerated role play." I hope that also helps
Between you and me, I don't think the "regression" people talk about online is entirely possible. You are always still going to be you, and have your adult brain and mind.
I think a lot of people get caught up in labels and whether or not they fit their own or someone else's definition of that label. For me, I just do what feels natural without necessarily putting a label on it. I seem to fit best as a "little" because of the types of things I enjoy, but I almost never regress 100% to the mindset of say a three year old. I might be having fun doing something like coloring or play doh, but I'm still also taking care of my real life responsibilities like laundry. Do what works for you and don't worry about the label.
This is my first post here and I do get where you are coming from. I have been a submissive for over 20 years of my life I found my submissive side very young my need to please and be cared for. At the age of 19, I had no idea about this lifestyle to me my likes of all things little related or my need to sleep with a stuffie every night or I can't sleep were just in my mind odd quirks about myself. It was not until the last few years when I started to look into this part of myself that small things started to fall into place and make more sense. I am still just dipping my toes in this world and my self doubt sometimes get in my way wondering if the joys of things like you said pop up books and loving the toy isles at a store are just a result of your autism or that you may or may not be a little. I was diagnosed when I was in my late 30s with autism and is some ways it made me understand my brain more but is also made me understand that the things I loved for the lack of a better way to explain it I am never good with words but "little space things" where my save place an outlet where I didn't panic or worry about the billion and one things that freaked me out daily. Some I have been told in this community say that when I go to my little space to me I have come to think of it as my safe place little or not it is where I am me I am real I am true to myself and just able to let it all so and relax and have fun. Hope this helps don't stress no one is ever one size fits all if so life would be pretty black and white and I hope like me you rather live life seeing the full rainbow.

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