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I'm not sure if I'm a little my parents don't understand it I got I got alters that are age 6 and 8. And up. But my friends are more supportive
and understanding of the situation but im new to this and don't know best why to find out if I do have a " little self" or little space" any advice or help would probably make things less confusing for me.
Age regression or “littlespace” is not a mental illness, impairment, or disorder. That being said, you should always feel in control and aware of yourself. It shouldn’t ever feel like you’ve truly forgotten how to function, maintain your own levels of safety, or perform important tasks that may unexpectedly come up in the moment. You shouldn’t feel like you’re “watching” yourself do something, as if you’re only a passenger in your body.

I say that to say the term alter implies that a different consciousness/“personality” has taken over and that you aren’t in control of your body’s decisions. If that is actually happening then that is not littlespace or regression. That would be a psychological condition that only a licensed therapist can, and should, diagnose and treat. You may simply be misusing the term alter, in which you can easily stop doing so and use more appropriate wording to explain those moments.

Ultimately, being a Little is just not the same thing as having DID/MPD and is not an “alternate” personality within yourself.

It’s absolutely okay if you feel so carefree, relaxed, and safe enough to express yourself through regression that you felt very youthful again, like a 6 or 8 year old. In the end, moments of deeper regression are just the physical manifestations of self-expression, and every person needs to have those times in their lives where they feel they can express themselves in a different way.

And it’s okay if you do have a psychological condition instead, but do make sure to find a good therapist to help you understand yourself and maintain your mental health.

I can understand how you feel. I also want those closest to me to know me deeply and accept me too. It sounds like you feel good about having what you’ve identified as alters so it makes sense you want that accepted.

Assuming you’ve read my initial reply before this, if you believe you have multiple personalities then that is a psychological disorder and you need to seek the guidance of a therapist for any further advice about it. We can’t help with alternate personalities because that isn’t what the littlespace/regression community is about. Alters are not experiences in littlespace. A child alter is not a Little.

I hope you find a super awesome professional to help support your mental health soon. I know it can be a process but the journey will definitely help you find the answers you need. :hugs:

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