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By SunnyCub
How did you come to discover your little side? How long have you been actively indulging in your little self? Have you opened up to anyone about it, or is it something you have kept to yourself?
It always took me longer to grow out of things suited for younger ages, like when I was entering middle school I would still read children's books made for very low reading levels. I would also notice when I'd get nurtured by my partners I would not be very verbal, and I would make little noises and shift my vocal pitch. Also when I would watch things I loved growing up I would feel myself overcome by this euphoric feeling. That still happens. I fall asleep instantly to being read to sleep.
I didn't think about these things until I started getting more into BeDeeSeM and exploring the different dynamics. DD/lg or CG/l was always on my radar, and while I didn't admit it for a while, I at least admitted to little tendencies. The more research I did, and self reflection, the more comfortable I got really delving into these parts of me. I say this in almost every post ever but the Resources page on here really helped me. Only a handful of people know, and I plan to keep it that way unless I am in a community setting where it is allowed and appropriate.
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By Elvie
SunnyCub wrote:How did you come to discover your little side? How long have you been actively indulging in your little self? Have you opened up to anyone about it, or is it something you have kept to yourself?
I don't remember NOT knowing this about myself. I mean I didn't know there was a word for it, but I've always felt like I was younger than everyone else. I didn't really like "teen" stuff until my late teens, for example. And I've always liked things aimed at kids. I like adult things too but I've never let go of that other stuff.

I don't really have much interest in having a CGL dynamic with anyone though; I'm used to being this way on my own.
I "realized" I had a little side when I was setting up a other site account for "adult viewing only" and then felt the need to make a "kids friendly" version as well... after adding a bajillion tv show sub reddits, cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, stuffies, hello kitty, pusheen sub reddits ect I was suggested r/ageregression and explored through there. That was 2 and a half years ago and I've never felt better since. I always did like cutesy stuff, pokemon, princess style clothes and decor and 'acting' little around my close friends growing up. I didn't know anything about age regression, ageplay, little, middles and bigs, caregivers ect until then and it opened up a world for me that I fit right into! ::3:
I found my way by finding cartoons and artwork on the internet that helped remind me how much I love being young, after watching a specific cartoon called Jelly Jamm, it reinforced how much I love being a little, now I age regress and enter little space as a 2 year old anthro sheep, and when I discovered it was a whole community, I felt so much joy knowing there are others who like age regression.
I just discovered it fully today! I'm just now learning all about this community and space. It feels incredibly good to be seen and normalized. I even like that it feels like there's this whole other world out there of feelings and information I don't yet know -- and lots of people with these similar beliefs as me. Makes me literally feel little again.

A side question: I'm so very new here. Could someone please point me towards a road map of figuring all this new information out? Where should I be looking or chatting or reading to further find my identity here? Thank you friendsssss :pinkh: :pinkh: :pinkh:
By Deleted User 70612
All the resources are on the main page for your viewing pleasure. Main chat is where everyone hangs out here and talks and get to know each other to become friends. In main chat you can ask questions and everyone is pretty nice to answer or even you can ask the MOD in the room at that time.
Those are two of the resource links that can help. There is Newbie Knowledge which has load of information and even general discussions. If you are looking for a cg there is a sister site called for people wanting to date and find their special someone. I hope you enjoy your time and get to know all of us.
By Deleted User 74033
I didn't realize I was a little until I met my ex partner who identified as a babygirl. She used to call me Mommy but I didn't really know what it all meant.. I guess I used to go into littlespace with her but not realize it?? So she gave me the nickname "baby Mommy" haha. Anyways, I started to look into it, and a big part of what helped me was this site! I still recommend the this site to any new littles who want to research.
I realized that I've always been a "little", I just didn't know it was a thing? Ha. Although, nowadays I don't actively try to go into littlespace or try to be a little anymore, I tend to just let it be and express myself in whatever way feels natural.
I've shared that I'm a little with 3 people I know in person and have chatted with many people in the community since then. The first person I told was an ex partner and it was so scary haha.. but he was understanding and accepted that about me. Plus, it's not like much changed since I'm just me haha. I confessed I was a little to one of my friends because I saw she had a paci in her room one time haha and she told me she was a little too and we had a little day together once!
Also, nowadays I find I really want to explore my CareGiver side since it is also a big part of my personality and how I show affection.. and though I am(was??) a little, I am very independent and like to be in charge haha so being a CareGiver seems even more natural? It's an interesting and fun journey to explore and learn more about yourself and also grow in new ways.
hi! good question! how i found out i was a little was actully by my partener, see shes a litte herself.

well what lead to this descoverie was kinda a long story so ill just shorten it the best i can, me and my ex (we where dating for 3 years) got into a fight and they left me, it really tore me apart so i did what i knew best and i let a child like me take hold (didnt help to much since my ex use to be my caregiver) my new partner and me where friends at the time and they watched me do this. after it was all over they told me about little space, things just made senes from there

its been 9 months now (me and my aprtner got together a month later) and she has been helping me dscover more about my little side and what works/doesnt work for me.
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