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By Ale
Good morning everyone.
I am writing here, to ask one thing: Does anyone here use the rewards system?
I was thinking of starting to fill out a table, because I think it could really be useful, to motivate me, but I don't know where I could start, also because I don't have much money to spend
Thank you very much!
By Deleted User 74033
I used to use a rewards system. I used an app for keeping track of household tasks and you could assign a points amount, then you could list rewards for your chosen amount.

Some rewards ideas: Bubble bath, a time where you give yourself permission to do nothing in particular, a little day, treat yourself to a meal of your favourite little foods, a new colouring book, a trip to the dollar store, or a movie night.
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By Ale
Really sorry for the delay, but I didn't get the notification.
Anyway, thank you for your advice, and I will definitely put it into practice!!!
And thanks for the reward examples too! I think in these days I will create my table!
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