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I wonder how can other Littles express themselves on their daily basis. ( in the adult lifestyle )
At work, at school.. Etc
I want to be myself not only when I am with friends, i want to be happy.. Childish also at work, but also do not want to be to much ( it is cringe )

What do you do?

I am so afriad to fo to unniversity… it feels like I will never be able to be me-such a surious place!

b]@catsuki[/b], Hi, I would say wearing little trinkets like bracelets, or some teething necklaces. I get it going to a university and not know too many people is hard so just little things like anxiety rings help me and small plushes you could hook on your bag. I hope this helps!!!!
It can be a tiny bit difficult. I’m a little who lives with their parent and I’m also a parent myself! One thing I do is I actually slowly expose other people to things I like like a small toy. Maybe buy a toy from McDonald’s or some blind bags. Ppl may make a comment like, “You’re such a child” but instead of feeling embarrassed, be happy that person has now realized that you have “childish” interests and laugh it off. Now those ppl will get used to it and get to a point where they no longer find it strange. When I’m alone at the store, I get myself hot wheels or a new coloring book. It was a little embarrassing when my family saw these at first but they get used to it and no longer find it weird to the point where my cousin actually got me hot wheels last Christmas! It’s all about staying true to yourself with minimal exposure of course. You don’t want to do too much where other ppl would be uncomfortable or haven’t consented to it. Wear your my little pony hoodies, have your SpongeBob keychains on your backpack, sip from caprisuns, invite friends to color or play board games, go to the park and be the first to swing on a swing & watch how everyone follows. It’s always fun to bring out the inner child in other people. People will learn to love your child spirit. :pinkh:
By Deleted User 76200
I think my little side shows without realising at times. Mummy says sometimes I'm just as bad as the kids, I can get very excited over certain things, get lost playing with the toys in the toy shops etc. But its just my personality people put it down to me being a goof ball.

One of the best bits for me though is my new job is fully work from home so my "uniform" most days while the kids are at school is a t-shirt and diaper or just a diaper if it's really warm. Mummy says I have to keep some shorts nearby incase delivery people come to the door and I'm not allowed to go in the garden with my diaper exposed because the neighbours are nosey 😮

I think the main thing I have around all the time however is my Glaceon plush. It lives on our bed. My daughters just think it's because I'm a pokemon nerd but realistically it was my first teddy bought by Mummy.
Since i still live with my parents until i finish college i can't really show it to anyone but i absolutely love watching cartoons while cuddling with my stuffies xdd it comforts me sooo much so i always do it when i had a stressful day xd
By Deleted User 76281
I still live with my parents but I express my little self in small ways such as decorations and lights in my room and with my stuffies. My retro game setup is something that really helps me regress. I have an old CRT and mostly retro systems, as well as a VCR with plenty of tapes to watch. Just the feeling of sitting down criss cross in front of the TV, and doing something small like pulling a game off the shelf or putting in a tape in my VCR is very comforting for me. I’m not sure why but I think it’s just that nostalgic feel. I often sit my large teddy bears and other stuffies next to me and watch me play a game or watch a movie with me!
for a while before i really understood myself, my main mode of regression was involuntary, so im still just figuring out ways to indulge in it by my own will :>.<:
before i go to sleep i pop in mai chupete :paci: and just watch kiddie TV shows, doll by my side :stuffie: ,
i will dress up my dollies and play with them, or try drawing, i havent done this yet but i want to buy myself a colouring book and a sippy cup hehe, all this stuff i can do when no one else is around, like at night before sleeping.

in my day to day, i like to bring small toy cars around with me, or little figurines, things i can keep in my pocket.\
my wardrobe is something like 25-35 percent real little boy clothes from walmart, since i can actually wear it! im short lol. My watch is sonic the hedgehog and my backpack is blue and soccer themed, these things are little no matter what i wear, my watch is something i can wear at work, so maybe that is something helpful for you, but i try to avoid littlespace while working since my work is SERIOUS!!! :cold:
... i am still crossing my fingers to find cute little boy shoes that will fit my feet, but i havent had any luck yet :tears:

honestly, you can be little without all this stuff too! At school I like to sit on the tables in the halls (everyone does this) and dangle my feet, it makes me feel little because its like how, when you are a child, your feet will dangle in most chairs :3 and i like to sing nursery rhymes to myself , its the little things sometimes.

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