How do you get to know people on here?

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How do you get to know people on here?

Postby Alanna_Baby » 1 week ago

Heya everyone, I am a bit of a noobie here and think I may be going about being on this site wrong. I thought in the personals side of things you kind of got to know eachother and if each person liked what they saw, would go into more roleplay-like scenario's and see where things go from there. Am I wrong in assuming this, is it roleplay first, get to know eachother later? I just want to make sure I am not committing and faux-pas as this is my first foray into most anything online, and explicitly abdl in the forefront. If you have any stories and the like I'd love to hear them so I can learn and grow into this site instead of getting all funky and losing interest. (Because this looks like a good site with good people, don't want to leave a bad impression or the like.)

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Re: How do you get to know people on here?

Postby FeatherLily » 1 week ago

Well, what I do is talking to random people when I think "hey, that person is interesting", I just pop a message saying hi :3 Don't think you are nosy for doing so, most people here love talking and exchanging stuff

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Re: How do you get to know people on here?

Postby Lookin4MyLittle » 1 day ago

I'm new here too and I've been looking round the site before making an introduction. As far as I can see, I think the personals side of the site is for the people who are looking for someone specific and if you think you want to talk to people with a view to finding someone that's for you, then it's not much different to other sites where you kind of register an interest and then probably continue that in private if someone you like replies to you. I think probably it's get to know someone first and then go into roleplay later, that's what I would expect anyway if I was talking to a little and looking to be their caregiver. I'd want to get to know someone first to make sure they were right for me before going into roleplay... that might be just me though, I'm quite shy :)

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