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A coworker of mine in her early 20s recently told me she is a little through text message. Before knowing this I thought she had been flirting with me, physical contact, compliments etc. I had been flirting back but after telling me shes a little she swears she hasn't flirted with me. I never heard of a little until she mentioned it but after researching I'm really perplexed why she told me. We barely know each other and have only been working together a few months. Just really confused why she told me, what it means.
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By Animay
I can see how all this is very confusing! If you click resources in the bar at the top of this page and then Educational articles I think it will really help <3
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By admin
It sounds, to me, like she probably told you because she was aware that you were beginning to flirt with her. Perhaps she realized that her little trait was coming off as flirtatious to you and felt like she needed to let you know that she wasn't intentionally being flirty but, rather, is just overall quirky. I don't think there is anything especially deep about her telling you, especially paired with her immediately explaining that she hasn't actually been flirting with you. A little coming out to another person doesn't necessarily have to be a big event or have special meaning aside from them wanting to explaining themselves to another person so that they are better understood on some level.

Since it sounds like maybe you are drawn to liking littles then perhaps in the future you'll partner with a little. So, we welcome you to educate yourself through our resources:

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