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:paci: Hi, I struggle with allowing my little side to shine through a lot. My caregiver/boyfriend is a couple of years older than me and seems interested but there are times he suggests little activities and does not actually follow through. I find it hard to always stay in control of my little side, it's shown itself in front of our roommate before which is weird for me because I know he'd judge us if he knew what exactly was going on. I tend to be a rather hyper, talkative little when I warm up to people and love exploring and getting surprises which I've been made fun of before. I guess part of it comes from not being allowed to spend time with many other kids as well as not really being able to be a child for long. My parents divorced when I was 9 and it made me haave to grow up rather quickly to help with my sisters and be the rock my mother needed me to be. Anyway, do you have any suggestions for maybe feeling more comfortable with being little sometimes and ideas to help me feel happier with being a little? The few times I've been rally able to explore this side have excited me.
I understand what you mean, my mom has some trouble with mental health growing up and I wasn’t really able to be a little kid. I don’t have a caregiver and nobody knows that I regress, but I feel happy and safe acting little. I usually just put on cute comfy clothes and fun socks and hang out with my stuffies and color, just relaxing little stuff. I think that once you’re comfy with yourself at whichever age you regress then you'll be more comfy with whoever else you decide (if you do) to bring into little space with you. Good luck, you’re beautiful <3

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