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I'm planning on getting my self some things soon but I have no clue what. Sadly I live in a very small home with very snoopy parents. They know a bit what Age play is and is totally grossed out by it. They often make comments about childish adults, making their feelings clear. All my little items right now are stuffed animals that it (and I wuv them so much)

Can't be (will be why)
-Teething / chewing stim necklace things (I'm not autistic and I shouldn't have things for autistic people)
-More stuffed animals (Because I have "too many" even tho I only have 4)
-Anything too clearly little like Sippy cups and what not (way too babyish)
-Coloring Books (Because Im an artist why waste my money?)
-Cute clothes (I have enough clothes and they don't approve of my taste in clothes)

I'm completely lost on what to get, and I was hoping maybe some one else had an idea of what I could put on my list I really am hoping getting some more little related things could help me bring myself in a happier smaller headspace since I struggle with it right now
There are some chewy necklace things made for adults, not as childish looking, you might be able to pass them off a charm or decoration. Camelback waterbottles with the bite and sip tops work well as a substitute sippy/bottle and come in lots of colors and prints. Adult coloring books ARE an artist thing when used with nice colored pencils. or just hide the kiddie ones inside a book on your shelves.
Gonna reply to just this one and not both your comments thank you for your ideas sadly my parents don't like chrewy necklaces because they are for "autistic" people. they also view any coloring book adult or not a waste of money because I draw so I could always just color something I drew in their eyes. Ill check out the waterbottles you suggested!!!
Stickers & sticker book
Special soft blanket like a luxury throw blanket in your fave color
Bubble bath stuff
Children's books?
Night light
Bracelet/necklace/keychain making crafts stuff
Cute keychains that are mini stuffys too
nail art stuff to gem your nails if your girly?
What about like big straw cups in your fave colors or cute design or sumfin?

Buy something like a duffle or luggage or tote and some luggage locks and lock up your stuff and hide it under your bed maybe
Depending on how tall you are, I would recommend a big hoodie (one that covers your underwear completely). You can get many color by number apps on your phone and tablet if your parents aren't snooping in your tech (the tapping calms me down). Depending on your regression age, I would also recommend video games made for the age you regress to (these are easy to find on the app stores or you can search google for age appropriate ones).
Thank you! Littleone the diary, keychain stuff is great! I think I could def get that. sadly tho my parents look in my stuff (everything) and questioned when I have locks on anything.

Wondercheese - I never thought of printing coloring pages thanks for the great idea!!

La gasp the hoodie idea is perfect OOOOOH gonna look into that danke! I have a really old literal flip (like the up and down one) phone but my computer is safe <3 <3 JacquelineNought

(Hope you guys dont mind the group replies work week makes me a little inactive a bit)
Hello!! I’m sorry your parents are snoopy, it’s hard to feel little when you feel judged for it. That said there’s a bunch of stuff that helps and is more subtle than sippy cups. For one, you can totally buy coloring books!!! They’re relaxing and recommended as a way to de-stress anyway, plus you can experiment with color and stuff (i dunno artist things). You can also get those cups with the plastic tops and matching straws. They help to feel little more than glasses and are cute but big enough to not alert nosy parents. Also getting cute pastel/white underpants and things help me feel little and something that people won’t (or SHOULDNT) snoop on because what the heck. I also like sheer glitter nail polish/lip gloss because it’s “understated” but sparkles!! Just a few things to help out, good luck have a great day! : D
Thank you Pinkandviolet, I really liked nail polish idea, tho it might be a little hard being a thumb sucker >////< I think I might try to reason the coloring book in the past I've been told by them it's a waste of money since I draw but you gave me a couple good ideas to use! the underwear idea is great too
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