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Little Space & Wedding Rings

Posted: |November 3rd, 2019|, 3:42 pm
by BGLilPrincess
When going into little space I wonder what other littles who are married, if they take their wedding bands off or not.

I couldn't take my rings off.

Re: Little Space & Wedding Rings

Posted: |November 3rd, 2019|, 6:27 pm
by CosmianAndNovella
We don't take our ring off. We have chosen to keep

Before we received our engagement ring almost a year ago, we were unsure wether or not it would be comfortable to wear. When we received it though we realized that it was actually quite comfortable and not at all in the way of anything.

We got married a month or so ago, and our wedding band is smooth and quite comfortable. We haven't taken it off since, except once to admire it with our Mommy (whom we're married to).

When in Littlespace (our regression age is in the newborn-infant range) the last thing we are aware of is our wedding band. So it naturally stays on. And due to the importance tied to it, one of our personal limits even while regressed is not to remove it.

Re: Little Space & Wedding Rings

Posted: |November 7th, 2019|, 7:50 am
by DaddysPrettyKitty
I’m am new to Littlespace, this is something I’m still exploring. I’m married to my Daddy, and he’s not a little. I’ve never removed my wedding band unless I’m cleaning. It’s far too important to me, I like to keep it with/on me at all times.