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I think my daddy hates me???

Posted: |January 19th, 2020|, 9:11 am
by BettyBoo
My daddy and I met last October 2019 and it was going pretty well for the both of us.

My daddy lives at the opposite side of the world from me but that wasn't the problem....

he's very charming and I really like him so much. that's why I decided to open up and step out of my comfort zone. I've really grown too attached to him in a short amount of time... maybe because he made me feel that I'm really special and really cared for to the point I started trusting him and liking him so much! at night I would start messaging him my good mornings and I remind him to eat his breakfast and lunch and drink plenty of water! when he wakes up we would talk with each other until I feel too sleepy and he lets me sleep. Then every morning when I wake up I say to him my good nights and kisses... then all of it was slowly fading after the typhoon and there was no signal and no power and I can't message him! when the power was back he was messaging me less and less and I would like to think that he was just busy with work... he would read my messages 2 or more days after I sent them... I don't know... maybe I'm just feeling very paranoid and I overthink too much!... I really don't wanna loose him

Re: I think my daddy hates me???

Posted: |January 19th, 2020|, 10:26 am
by TiggyGothpaw
You need to speak with him. Dont accuse him of anything bad just ask if there is a reason for the slow down in messages.