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This may sound like I not telling the truth but I am I just need help. I recently have noticed that I am becoming a toddler when I need to be adult how like this.
1 I now have to take a pacifier to work I stop and use it in the toilet for about 10 minutes a time.
2 I carry a small teddy with me at all times.
3 I carry 2 toy cars with me and and then I start to play with them when I can.
4 I started to get upset a lot more .
5 I noticed I use toddler words more even at work I have used the following me wee wee / poo poo .when someone asked for the time my reply was me no time or no me not have if someone asked do I want a drink I say me have duce please
So I just would like some help to get my adult self back a little
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By admin
It sounds like you need to speak to a therapist. Feeling like you are no longer in control of yourself is worrisome since it can point toward some serious mental health issues you may even unknowingly be facing. You are irreplaceable so this is worth seeking a professional for help.

This is probably just a manifestation of stress, anxiety, depression, or a combination since you’re insisting that none of these things are within your control or conscious decision making capabilities. It could be something much more serious though. That’s why it’s important to speak to people who have professional experience and education about mental health.

Don’t be afraid to see multiple therapists. If you don’t like one then go see a different one. Just like any doctor, not all therapists are a good fit for your health so keep in mind that it’s okay to check a few out.

Being a little is not going to transform, especially unknowingly in the ways described, an adult back into a child again. That’s not what being a little means. Being a little itself is not a mental disorder or dysfunction. Being little and expressing your regression, even frequently, won’t wipe away your maturity and capabilities as an adult.

Please take care of your mental health and start seeking professional therapy to work through these times so that you can not only have a well functioning adulthood but also have the opportunity to enjoy regression.

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