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i've always felt younger than i am and been told by others that i do but i've only recently come to realise that i regress sometimes. Even just looking on this site i found myself unconsciously sucking my thumb. The only problem is, i have no one around me that would accept or understand and i feel a little like i'm wrong for feeling little sometimes. Has anyone else ever had that problem and how did you overcome it?
I also don't have anyone that would accept this part of me either. But I've learned that I can accept the little part of me and I can nurture the little part of me. It's not what I WANT, I want external nuturing and acceptance, but I recognize that is an unrealistic expectation in my life. So instead I have "little days" where I set up my house for play and comfort. I put on a movie or a show I like, I make kid treat foods and drinks, I let myself use kid utensils (dining set, silverware, cups, sippys, bottles, which ever I want). I put out my favorite toys to match my mood (Lego, doll house set, coloring stuff, marble run, my old polly pockets, even a few infant toys if I want them). I have a video gamer rocking chair and I just play for a few hours. Then I clean it up, and go back to adult life. I do have a few friends that will play with me, but I have to be careful to present adult when they do!

There are probably daddies, mummies, care givers and other babies around you, the issue of course is doing the subtle things that will let them know... perhaps the childish rucksack, childish dress with short white socks and flat shoes. More unsubtle like dummies, using bottles, sucking thumb and even visible nappy or other obviously baby clothes are possible but might be quite humiliating
It’s been a while I don’t feel little.. but lately too much stress makes me feel little.. I even got a baby bottle.. and watch cartoons.. with plushies! My family thinks I’m just childish.. but I know.. what I am.. it’s kidding hard bc people think it’s something weird.. :tears:

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