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I know it should be pretty straightforward but I'm confused. I know that ddlg is kink. But how does a kink little act? What kind of activities do they do? What exactly constitutes someone as a ddlg little? I'm so confused and have trouble determining if I'm in a kink community or not.
DDLG is a partnership between a male-identifying Caregiver and a female-identifying Little. That’s all that the acronym actually means. As a note, CGL is the most gender-neutral equivalent of DDLG.

Terms such as DDLG have long existed to describe common pairings between a male-identifying Caregiver and a female-identifying regressor/little. It does not actually reference sexual activity, but is commonly also used in the BDSM community to describe some sexually charged scenes. BDSM is a sexual situation preference. Being a little is a personality, regardless of sexual activity. Unfortunately, this is just one of the terms that both of these separate communities use to describe usually different things.

The “dom” component in the DDLG acronym is outdated but was designed to indicate that the pairing was not biologically incestuous and that the Caregiver is taking a parental role in interactions with the little. Parents naturally have a different set of expectations and responsibilities than that of their children. More recently the “dom” component has come to indicate that the pairing is of adult-nature (regardless of sexual involvement). Prior terminology did not indicate as clearly that the partnership was of biologically unrelated adults. These terms are well-established and wiping the slate clean to replace these terms with newer ones, as to no longer overlap with another community, is not easily doable since the terms have gained traction and general understanding when it comes to CGL acknowledgement and acceptance.

Littles can absolutely engage in sexual situations, including self-gratification, without it being twisty, fetishized, or even related to BDSM because regression/littlespace is based on personality—not sexual conduct, desire, or motivation.

In addition, a little can be involved in BDSM too by performing or acting out kink-based scenes, which could include an incest fantasy adult interest. This would mean the little is still a little and involved in BDSM. Again, these are two separate, unrelated things.

This may help, taken from our facts from the resource section:
★ CGL partnerships, Age Regression, Littles, Middles, Caregivers, Adult Babies, and other identities that fall into our community are not inherently sexual or related to BDSM.
☆ CGL community members may individually also perform acts of or experience BDSM in it's various forms.
☆ A member of the CGL community can also be a member of the BDSM community. A member of the CGL community is not always a member of the BDSM community.

★ There is a sexual kink and/or sexual adult interest for roleplaying as a parent (commonly "Daddy" for "Daddy kink") or as a child or teenager. This is not the same as being a little, being a true caregiver, or engaging in a CGL relationship.
☆ People participating in those acts are doing so for sexual intention and gratification. Those adult interests and kinks may be BDSM-related.
☆ The CGL community is not inherently based on sexual experiences, desires, or fantasies.

★ Power exchanges that exist within our community are also referred to as CGL (Caregiver/little) relationships in quick contexts but...

☆ CGL does not have to mean there is domination and submission occurring at all times or on all levels
☆ CGL does not mean one person in the partnership must maintain being dominant or submissive at all times or on all levels
☆ CGL does not require a person to be sexual or experience sexual activities while regressed or with a regressed partner.
☆ CGL is not necessarily BDSM unless it involves sexual motivation, gratification, or intention. An example of BDSM CGL would be a little who regresses during foreplay to further entice and arouse their partner.

★ Power exchanges involving BDSM means that the power exchange is sexually motivated, gratifying, or intended.

★ BDSM is an umbrella term that correlates to sexual activity. If no sexual activity exists or is perceived to be unrelated to other components of a relationship between or more people then it is not truly BDSM.

★ We accept that a CGL relationship may involve a power exchange dynamic due to natural structure and hierarchy desires among humans.

★ We accept that a CGL relationship may involve BDSM components, such as powerplay (sexual play based upon a power exchange such as Dominance/submission).
☆ CGL community members may individually also perform acts of or experience BDSM in it's various forms.
☆ A member of the CGL community can also be a member of the BDSM community. A member of the CGL community is not always a member of the BDSM community.

★ Just like any other adult-bodied individual, a little may have sexual needs and interests. Littles (and their caregivers) are not necessarily sexual or nonsexual.
☆ A person who experiences regression but also engages in sexual gratification is not necessarily performing an act of BDSM unless their regression was directly a component of the sexual intention (such as the reason for arousal).

★ A little can engage in sexual activity while experiencing regression and...

☆ This does not relate to the sexualization of biological children in any form
☆ Does not mean their partner is interested in sexualizing biological children
☆ Is not related to pedo-philia, hebe-philia, ephebo-philiaor, or any attraction to biologically underage persons
★ Being a little, being a caregiver, regression, or feeling regressed is not inherently kink or adult interest.
If this is all sexually based for you then you are misidentifying and should, instead, explore “dark ageplay” roleplay within a sexually-based BDSM community that’s specifically targeted for kinks and adult interests. Being a little is not a adult interest and it isn’t twisty.

We also have a resource on identifying if you’re a little. Please take note that sexuality nor sexual motivation is noted not because Littles don’t experience sexual desire (most do, just as most humans do) but because it’s irrelevant to identifying based on personality. Remember that personality is how you perceive and interact with the world and is not limited to scenes, kink, or sex.
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