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I've kinda been wonderin', how common is it for adults to regress to teen? Also, is there some things ya can look for that tells ya somebody's regressed to teen headspace? Teens are kinda more grown up than littles, so I'm kinda guessin' it'd be harder to tell.
:pheart: I feel that teens/middles have more bratness in them. Teens tend to want more space, and privacy. And tend to like in trend stuff, they also tend to push the boundaries of the rules a lot more. Plus rolling eyes tend to be common in teen middle space. :pinkh:
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By admin
Acknowledged teen regression seems more popular in those who are more distant from their chronological teenage years. A 19 or 20 year old who believes they are regressing to 16 or 17 may only actually be a “late bloomer”, having simply a short-term delayed maturation and finding that in the next few years they no longer feel misplaced within their birth age bracket. A lot of young adults in the 18-22 year old range fall away from the community, discovering that they only felt delayed until settling into adulthood and don’t actually identify as a lifelong little/middle/teen. An older adult in their late 20s, 30s, 40s, and on are more likely to find they regress to teen years when they transition into different life stages and see that their peers don’t quite live the same kind of lives or share similar interests.

Because the community use to (and still does on some sites) very heavily focus on match-making, dating, and partnering it encouraged more younger, single adults to be active. Older people, who are statistically more likely to be partnered, were less inclined to become active and involved in communities that appeared to just focus on dating. It’s still common to find a large number of 18-25 year olds in the active online community. If you take what I’ve said previously and mesh it with this then you can understand why it’s actually difficult to say how common teen regression is in the community. It simply is that the largest age group in the community is less likely to identify as teenage range. It may take many more years for someone to discover they’re a teen regressor and feel drawn to join communities online to further investigate. Even then, how the community is presented online may dissuade the individual from engaging.

Aside from all of that, I also believe a lot of “switches” in relationships may honestly just be older middle and teen regressors, playing the part of a big brother or sister who, at times, is still growing up themselves. Biological teenagers often revert back to being childish every now and again, and that psychologically documented as not only being common during maturation but also helpful in the transition to adulthood. I feel like the best indicator of this in the community is knowing you have a “little side” of experience regression/littlespace but then also feeling you have a more matured, responsible “side” where you want to play house or “babysit” and take care of someone actively regressing. My opinion may be quite controversial at this time and, just to make it clear, I don’t intend to offend anyone who believes differently.

Not all middles and teens are bratty but defiance can certainly exist for some. Some are quite sweet hearted though, and, like I said, have a big heart to care for a baby or little, much like a teenaged babysitter. Chores potentially could be enjoyed by some middles and teens. Working a job, and the feeling of earning an “allowance”, could feel like an accomplishment for many teens. Even mock homework assignments can help further the regressed feelings. Some may have a reading hobby or dream of going to all of their favorite bands concerts. Perhaps a “bedtime” would be less appealing than a “curfew”. Some may find value in joining local organizations, taking hobby classes for activities such as dance, or registering for a couple of basic classes at the local community college. Personalities will vary.

Just like any other approximate age or age-range you can further your discovery by comparing your primary interests in common things such as television and hobbies (like specific types of crafting, for example) by searching for the suggested or targeted age-range in which it was intended or taught. Make a list of your more important, prominent interests and spend some time searching for what age-range those are usually most enjoyed by. If you have a speculation of your regressed age-range already then search for hobbies, shows, activities, books, and general interests of those ages to compare to as well as discover more fun things you may likely enjoy.
Wow! Ya really seem to know lots 'bout regressin' to teen, Admin. I really 'preciate your feedback. Ya given me even more to think about. Thank you! :D
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By MewPeach
I'm a teen regressor myself, and for me, regression makes me feel more girly than I am as an adult. I'm 23, and basically had to become an adult around age 11, so when I regress I find that I crave all the things I missed out on, like reading teen magazines and learning to do makeup and such. I'll often paint my nails and watch shows from my teen era, or play online flash games. I definitely would say that I'm not very bratty, but I do like to take on responsibility, like babysitting littler littles and playing their games with them.
Thanks, MewPeach! Most of the time I tend to regress to around 8, but there's some times when I feel like I've regressed to a teen, and it's nice to know I ain't the only one who feels around that age range. :)
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