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so I have been resisting going into my "little space" a lot because iv been so stressed but I have a really weird question how do I force myself into "little space" because when I'm in "little space" I feel soo carefree when I'm there but I've been so stressed out lately I keep resisting so again is there a way I can force myself into "little space"
I don’t know about “forcing” yourself into heavier regression but you can probably “train” yourself.

In general, I suggest that when someone wants to feel more regressed then surrounding themselves with things that visually and sensorily (audibly, by touch, or even smells) remind them of being youthful can help bring them back to feeling regressed.

Setting up a dedicated time and space can eventually lead to more feelings of comfort, enticing you to let go and regress more than previously. It takes patience and consistency to allow yourself to express without feeling strained or stressed. Perhaps create a special playlist that you only play when in a special place you’ve created that includes things like warm blankets, stuffed animals, toys, and whatever else you tend to lean toward enjoying during regression. Set this up once or twice a week and spend some time (30 minutes to an hour probably) in the space, if nothing else than for some downtime or meditation. Even if it feels silly for awhile you will likely, eventually, find peace and comfort to allow yourself to regress.

Best of luck!
Step one is making sure you're someplace safe to regress!!! I've been where you are right now, and NOTHING is more important than making sure you aren't in danger or in a position to get hurt.

After that, you could try going to the kids section of the local library. They often have a pet and bright colorful themes, and lots of little books. Grab yourself a handful and just sit on the floor in the corner or something and let yourself relax into reading. Sometimes they'll also host movie watching with cartoons or kids movies.

If your shelter is like mine was and you get your own room, you could lock the door and build a blanket nest. Probably not enough to make a fort but you can play on your bed, or have a lay down and day dream.

I hope things get better for you!! :heart:

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