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By TinyDuck
I will involuntary regress at times and that can get scary at work or in loud places like a mall or theme park. I'm going to Universal Studios in a few weeks with some friends that haven't seen me little before and I'm worried about slipping into little space around them. So worried that I probably will. My CG will be there so I should be okay, but it got me thinking of times he won't be.
So does anyone have some tips for being little alone in public?
I'd recommend packing a bag with some of your fav little things inside that way if you do get scared you can pretend you need to go to the bathroom and calm down with some of your fav stuff. Also, Id wear your fav outfit with maybe a bracelet to fidget with if you get nervous. I regress when I get stressed and having something to fidget with helps me.

I totally know the feeling and have slipped in public several times being alone. Its quite an overwhelming feeling and I have prepared a little goodie bag in my purse with all my comforting items that I can bring with me on the go. It has a tiny little stuffy, stickers and some coloring pens. What you can also do is to download a bunch of apps on your phone to play games with or have a separate folder on your phone with videos that you like to watch you when feel little. The more you think about slipping in public, the more it will stress you out, which isnt something that we would want :((. If you do slip, just make sure that you pack some easy comfort items with you and make sure that you find a quiet, safe space for you to take a couple of breaths and make sure that you are okay!

Wishing you all the bst :stuffie:
This happens to me at work all the time, and I agree it can be really stressful and scary. I have an "emergency" kit in my car with stuffies, coloring books/pencils(they wont melt in my car in the summer), I have a plain journal like notebook and a sketch book too! I also always try to have some kind of Little snacks in my car like goldfish and juice boxes or those kool-aid koolers. I also have a few episodes of Little Witch Academia downloaded onto my phone from Netflix. :hugs:
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