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I think with what context you've given, the best advice I can suggest is to wait. This is ultimately a moment of great vulnerability to yourself, and if you find yourself stressing out about this, it could very well be that your relationship with this person might not be there, just yet. There's no need to rush it, just feel it out and when you feel close enough to this person it should be able to come naturally.

That said, if you are at a point where you do need to reveal this stuff about you to them, I would suggest trying to slowly introduce the concept to them by talking about small things you may have heard about related to littlespace, and see how they react to it before openly addressing it.

It is ultimately a relationship dynamic and as an adult it should be within your ability to talk about this with your prospective partner when the time comes, but you should do it on your terms in a way that makes you comfortable, and patience might be the key to find your moment.
Hey @Kittykat23 I was that guy, fell madly in love w a girl, she always told me she was alot, after about 6 months she told me that she was a little. And maybe I could become her Daddy. First of all I didn't know anything of this, secondly I had absolutely no qualms about this, on the contrary, it is a turn on and I always loved taking care for her. And for future reference it's great to have that dynamic from the start, like she asked me to bathe her and to do her hair and nails and stuff, I loved that as earlier my gfs did their girl stuff on their own. Now I got to be involved and be close to her which was perfect as I was mad about her. So that's a great way to start. Given this, there has been bumps in the road, I have been stressed that I am not exactly what she wants in a man, and I have online friends that feel the same. We have done age play during sex which was great, and I am learning more and more about cgl so I am getting more and more confident. Any way I hope you are alright and are happy and feel fulfilled, and if you don't find a way to reach that. All the best

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