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Hi everyone my name is Danielle and i have a guild only for the ABDL community in World of Warcraft on the moon guard server and if we can get enough people i want to have special events like coloring day where we all show our coloring things and all and bunches of other little activates also if you like to be a kitty or puppy or anything else just tell me and we will set a special rank for you we only have 3 members in it so far but if we can get it full we will really be a littles legion! :yay: :pacy:
Hi. Just wondering if the ABDL WoW guild is still going, if so what faction and name should I look for? It would be great to play with other like minded people and share maybe share experiences while we beat up the current baddies of the expansion. Look forward to meeting some of the guild in game.
I have toons on Steamwheedle Cartel and the Sentinels server or Feathermoon would be a decent place for us to play. I'm game for starting up a guild there if I can find people. :) I'll start a new toon and level with anyone who is playing on the less than lvl 20 free accounts!

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