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By Deleted User 30863
Slytherin here.

And for a very good reason (aside from the dark magic, of course). When I was 11 and had just got to secondary school, it was just when the Harry Potter franchise was really taking the world by storm. Within a year or so the first film had been made, and practically everyone I know had read the books that had been released. So needless to say I got to secondary school as a bit of a nascent Harry Potter fan. When we arrived in the school hall to be assigned our form groups the headmaster said that one of the teachers standing next to him was our school's equivalent of Slytherin in the Harry Potter books. I immediately thought 'oh great, I know where I'll end up', and sure enough, a few minutes later I had been sorted - sadly with no sorting hat - into my school's Slytherin.

But I quickly embraced it, and I mean let's be honest, Slytherin have the best colours, and the best crest. And we get to hang out in the dungeons, and talk to snakes! I'm even considering a dark mark tattoo... which I know probably seems lame for someone almost 30. But hey, it's my arm. Plus Dumbledore totally cheated us out of the House Cup in the first book. What a stitch-up!

Funnily enough, some years later I was on a third or fourth date with a girl, and she literally dumped me on the spot for being a Slytherin. Can't please everyone, eh? :D

I'd love to know which of the houses you all belong to. But let's try to keep it civil :)
On PotterMore i was sorted first Gryffindore and then Slytherin. I think it couldn't decide. I found out about Harry Potter when I was thirteen, sprin 2001, I didn't even know about Harry Potter until then. Now 16 years later I like reading Harry Potter Fanfiction on fanfiction.net, my favourite fanfictions are written by Debstheslytherinfan. I too am almost 30 and my siblings are always laughing because of the movies I watch or the books I read. I even had a glass Harry Potter, it was normal milk glass, but it broke New Years Eve 2008.:( I was so sad. And on Amazon I saw that they have Harry Potter pacis, and Harry Potter onsies, adult sizes.
Huh seems like a bit of a house reunion here XD I'm also a proud Slytherin. It's whereever I got sorted in and it fits my personality best as well^^ my friends agree on that as well... Funny enough my close friend group of four has all four houses and we still get along^^ I do agree though we got cheated out of the house cup
Im in Hufflepuff. At first I was kind of disappointed. But then when I read the description on Pottermore about what it means to be a hufflepuff I changed my mind. It's a perfect fit for me. I think the hufflepuff house is definitely under appreciated. All the houses are good though.
Hiiii~ Gryffindor here ^.^ I always knew i was one, but then got sorted into the gryffindor house on pottermore :D i was v excited about it hehehe ^-^ i love all the houses though, cause everyone is awesome in their own unique way. Slytherins are some of the best frans cause they protect you no matter what!! (even if it is scary to be on the receiving end..) Hufflepuffs are everyones fran cause they are so kind and sweet!!! Ravenclaws are good frans cause they can think of some of the most touching things to say (even if the delivery is dead pan) and us gryffindors are nothing short of exciting to be around!! ^.^ <3 <3 <3
Hi guys!

Pottermore has sorted me into Slytherin multiple times, but other sorting quizes sometimes sort me into Ravenclaw house. So, I just usually call myself a Slytherclaw. It fits, I suppose.

My favorite house remains to be Hufflepuff though. Such great qualities!
I've taken this test several times on multiple Harry Potter sites and always end up Slytherin. Oy... and to think I'm deathly afraid of snakes!!
Though I get it. In that house, you have very powerful individuals that end up standing alone against forces well beyond their own powers. Whether good or evil, they study and gain knowledge that typically far exceeds the other houses. Unfortunately though, they also tend to be loners or have extremely small social circles. Who knows? Maybe I'll join a Gryfindor group? lol... or maybe not. :)
I'm definetly a Slytherin! A Harry Potter quiz once tried to sort me into Gryffindor but I'm 100% a snake and in Pottermore (the real deal) I'm a Slytherin as well so :yay:
I have green eyes so the dark green and silver suit me the best anyways hehe~
And I agree. As much as I loved him, Dumbledor that meanie totally cheated!
Big ole Ravenclaw here! I got it on Pottermore multiple times and I always get it on all the other quizzes. I haven't seen any other ravenclaw littles, though. It seems when it comes to CGL we're very under-represented. :(

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