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By Deleted User 62111
Absolutely! I'll watch TV at night and gradually start to drift, that's when I start to bundle up in my mountain of warm blankets and cuddle my plushies while I ball up at one end of the couch and just start to drift to sleep.
Sillyme wrote: 1 month ago Hiya! just wondering if anyone else gets suuper little when sleepy... I just wanna curl up in all my blankets and watch mlp :heart: :stuffie: :pacy:
This is absolutely me as well! I curl up with my mlp blankie, mlp sippy cup, mlp paci, mlp tshirt...all warm and happy and everything feels perfect...unless i have to get up for some reason...then i get pretty fussy and loud, but non-verbal.
Sleepy Tal is smallest Tal, heheh.
I tend to get grumpy and fussy when I'm sleepy. Rub my face a lot too, or tug at my shirt or whatever. I didn't think anything of it until a friend and my sibling pointed out that's how little-little kids act when their tired.
Now, do I sleep? Nope! I tend to watch cartoons and cuddle up until I finally submit to slumber at least an hour after I get all smol.
By Deleted User 62111
Lol, I'm a super grumpy teen in the morning, I'm loud, mean, and I'll tell off the furniture if they get in my way. I can't drink coffee because it makes me sick, so I'm a grouch until I wake back up in the afternoon after telling off the world and deciding that I no longer care about the world and say good night until I'm ready to wake back up. But when I'm just about to get sleepy I regress fast, from teen to tike prepping my little sleeping nook on the couch until I'm all bundled up and comfy then I'm a complete infant. I don't get up again and by that point I'll just go to sleep hungry if I have to, I won't be moving, not even to stomp around as a little, I'll just be oblivious and sad :sick:
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