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:hi: So where would you want a Littlespace community? For in person life? Also this community is for only Littles/Middles/Bigs, the only people who wouldn't be would be someone stopping for food :eat: or gas, from a highway. And if your Little/Middle you would be in appropriate clothes if within the outsider area.
Now I will say that the state you chose should have all four seasons, cuz lets face it some of us loves snow and some of us loves sun. So where do we place this community? \

Im thinking somewhere between: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee.

And how would you design this community? :heart:

Im thinking inside area where littles are dress as a little with no outsiders allowed, then an outsider area where if they come they can eat and gets gas. But not know whats going on in the other area.

So have any ideas?

Just tossing this out there. :splode:
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