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I, myself in little space like browns and black so my big and little space isn't much different in big space I am grunge fairy indie but in little space, I am an emo indie goblin! Please tell me yours!
I absolutely love the color black. I love gothic/bohemian type decor. As I’m growing with my inner little I am loving the colors pink & purple! Rainbow. Sparkles. It’s new to me but they bring me joy❤️ it’s healing
i like bright colors like red and blue. i like cartoon apparel. i just got a super cute paw patrol backpack that im gonna take with me when i leave to donate plasma or go on day trips on my bicycle. i like anything cute and kid friendly and i dress in athletic shorts and cute painted cardinals shoes and some kind of spongebob or amazing e\world of gumball shirt. then of course ive got my kiddie cartoon undies :)
I like things that are comfy but also pretty/cutesy and cozy. So fluttery dresses, soft sweaters or t-shirts, and maybe some loose jeans. If I'm alone at home then I have this one really cute llamacorn blanket hoodie I like to wear. As far as colors, it really just depends on my mood. Right now I've very much been vibing with soft pastels, pink especially. ✨💖
Honestly both my little space and big space aesthetic are the same. I love pastel colors! My main favorites are pink, purple, and blue. Like the cotton candy colors! I like fluffy things and I like my room or my space to smell like a bakery or strawberries! I love wearing skirts and dresses. I don't like pants! Sometimes I wear shorts, but mainly skirts or dresses.

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