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I, myself in little space like browns and black so my big and little space isn't much different in big space I am grunge fairy indie but in little space, I am an emo indie goblin! Please tell me yours!
I absolutely love the color black. I love gothic/bohemian type decor. As I’m growing with my inner little I am loving the colors pink & purple! Rainbow. Sparkles. It’s new to me but they bring me joy❤️ it’s healing
i like bright colors like red and blue. i like cartoon apparel. i just got a super cute paw patrol backpack that im gonna take with me when i leave to donate plasma or go on day trips on my bicycle. i like anything cute and kid friendly and i dress in athletic shorts and cute painted cardinals shoes and some kind of spongebob or amazing e\world of gumball shirt. then of course ive got my kiddie cartoon undies :)
I like things that are comfy but also pretty/cutesy and cozy. So fluttery dresses, soft sweaters or t-shirts, and maybe some loose jeans. If I'm alone at home then I have this one really cute llamacorn blanket hoodie I like to wear. As far as colors, it really just depends on my mood. Right now I've very much been vibing with soft pastels, pink especially. ✨💖
Honestly both my little space and big space aesthetic are the same. I love pastel colors! My main favorites are pink, purple, and blue. Like the cotton candy colors! I like fluffy things and I like my room or my space to smell like a bakery or strawberries! I love wearing skirts and dresses. I don't like pants! Sometimes I wear shorts, but mainly skirts or dresses.
Over the years as I explore and accept my littleness, the more my littlespace style/vibes start to blend in with my Big style/expression.. For instance my in my more adulty public appearance I tend to wear black or wine red.. my little self is very drawn to rainbow colours, tie dye, pastels, pink, lavender.. and I would say my littlespace style is kinda like pastel goth vibes haha. I like to wear things that make me feel happy and smol and nostalgic. 😊💖🖤🌸🌿
i'm sadly not able to express my little self nearly as much as i'd like but currently it features my yellow baby blanket and light blue teddy bear (both from when i was an actual baby) as well as my navy blue pacifier with big stars that glow in the dark.

in the future,i intend to fill my cupboards and drawers with plastic bowls,plastic plates with sections for the food,plastic cups (likely sippy but we'll have to test it out first) and little spoons and forks as well as of course a nice character placemat to put it all on. i also intend to get various toys like baby puzzles and maybe even my own,little ball pit to just sit in and toss the balls around.

i've got big plans,i do.

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