Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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what is everyone's favowite thing to cuddle with? mine is a blankey with a shark on it!! ahhh! scary! :shook: but its so comfy and soft :heart: a friend gave it to me for my birthday! she's my best friend! i hope everyone can have a friend as special as her :hugs:
Mine is Mrs Bear! She's a build-a-bear that my sister's boyfriend (at the time) bought me. She was my first ever build-a-bear so I cherished her soooo much. She's snowy white with a pink nose. I dress her up in my old baby dress my mom gave me one time. It's a cute sleeveless pink dress with flowers on it! The dress and Mrs. Bear need a GOOD washing, though. But when I went to Job Corps, my parents packed all my stuff up and put it in the steel shed, so I don't get to cuddle with her anymore. T^T
By Deleted User 29119
I don't have one favourite because I can't choose between them T_T But I have 3 favourites!! There is Koda, my little bear; then Boubou, my worry-eater (it makes my worries go away!!); and Patrick, my seal plushie <3 Daddy bought them all for me and I love them all!!
I have a reindeer my best friend got me and I love it a lot because is from my best friend! And I also love my build a Bears. I like my Beast one because he has a lavender scent inside him and he's big and fun to cuddle with! He's from beauty and the beast and he's a build a bear. I also have a cat I like to cuddle with named Roopi.
My all time favorite thing to cuddle with is my right hand man/second in command Dragon named Dragonus. Daddy got him for me as a surprise last year from build a bear! he has not left my side unless i am at school, because he to big to fit in backpack, he does however go to doctors and dentist with me because i am super terrified of drs and dentist and he is also like a security blanket.
It's really hard to pick just one but I really really like cuddling with my giraffe Alec. He's really big and super duper cuddly. I really like to cuddle with my build a bears Xander and Isabella. My friend and me made them together so they're extra special.
My favorite thing to cuddle with is my little giraffe plushie. She doesnt have a name yet, but she has pink hooves and a pink bow on her head! I also have a hello kitty body pillow that I cannot sleep without! It fits perfectly between my legs and arms and comforts me when daddy isn't around. :stuffie:
I love to cuddle my fluffy plushies! ^w^ I have a Kitty and a leopard plushies named Kitty & Leoapey that I cuddle with when I go to bed at night. They are basically my goodnight plush's. I also have two fox plushies named Comet & Anser that I love to sit next to me when I play video games or on the computer and I cuddle them often ^^ :stuffie:

Other then a plushie, I have a kitty cat name Midnight. She will come walking into my room and then hopping into my lap rubbing against wanting lots of pets & cuddles ^.^
.....I would have to say my favorite thing to cuddle is my stuffie named Kodi, He's a wolf :splode: I got him a few years ago when we went to the zoo for a family trip and He loves to watch supernatural with me and i have been sleeping with him ever since and hes even my favorite animal so that makes it even better
By Deleted User 32002
My favorite thing to cuddle/snuggle with is a purple striped sock monkey named Mr. Pickles. He's so soft and cuddly. I sleep with him everynight. I got him as a gift years ago and he's still in perfect condition. I absolutely cannot sleep without him. I do everything with him from sleeping to coloring to just playing with all of my stuffies.

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