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By Deleted User 69497
This thread is for the Mice of Lison RPG. I ask that no one but me, the GM, post in this thread as it is meant to be read as a continuous story.

The characters:
Cheeky, Male (LilM8)
SASS: 3349
Good: <tbd>, Hiding (Agility,Smarts), Throwing (Agility), Foraging (Smarts)
Bad: Speech (Smarts)
Motivations: Solving challenges, exploring new things

Toby, Male (TommyTotadin)
SASS: 5329
Good: Fighting (Strength, Agility), Climbing, Lifting (Strength), First Aid (Smarts)
Bad: Reading
Motivations: Protect friends, Right your Wrongs

Snack Snatcher, Female (PwincessBasi)
SASS: 1549
Good: Sneak (Agility), Lockpick (Agility, Smarts), Climbing (Agility, Strength), Fighting (Agility, Strength)
Bad: Lifting (Strength)
Motivation: The thrill of the heist. Bragging Rights

Saffron, Female (Moondust)
SASS: 2449
Good: Cooking (Smarts), Foraging (Smarts), Pharmacy (Smarts), Throwing (Agility)
Bad: Speech (Smarts)
Motivations: Defend fellow mice, Experiments with recipes / food

Pippernill "Pip", Male (anniesdreaming)
SASS: 2359
Good: Reading (Smarts), Writing (Smarts), Climbing (Agility, Strength), Throwing (Agility)
Bad: Lifting (Strength)
Motivations: Curiosity, Tinkers to try and create new things
By Deleted User 69497
You have gathered together in elder Tarfin's chamber per his request. Having grown up together, you know each other well, but are unclear why you are here... well most of you are, but Snack Snatcher is pretty sure that someone has told on her most recent caper. Looking around she considers which one of the others could it be, but none of them should know about it. Each one of you arrives at a different time, and elder Tarfin waves off any questions until all of you have assembled.

Once the last of you have arrived, elder Tarfin takes the glasses off his nose, folds them and places them in his shirt pocket. ”Thank you for coming,” he says and with but a slight pause continues, ”I wish it was a more auspicious occasion, but I'm afraid we have an issue that needs to be dealt with, and you all were recommended as capable of helping out.”

Rolling a parchment out on the table, you see a crude map of Lison and the surrounding area. Elder Tarfin points out a spot on the map where an X is and continues, ”A little over a week ago elder Farus headed out to what he had determined was a previous home for a different clan of mice. He was just going to check if the information was correct, and would return to gather more if there was a need. He, and those who went with him were expected back two days ago, and since they haven't returned, we're asking you to go out and see if you can find him.” He pauses as he hesitates before starting to add more, but then stops himself.

Regaining his composure he continues, ”You're welcome to pick up some supplies, and you can take this parchment with you. If you have any questions feel free to ask, but I'm afraid I may not be able to answer much. I do know he had three others with him. Bruno, Essie, and Timon went with him.”

Post responses in the Mice of Lison RPG chat room. You may choose four items and a backpack to take with you. You can be as creative as you want in describing them. So, for example, instead of saying a melee weapon, you could say a long toothpick with sides shaved for better griping. Same effect in game, but be creative. Also, several of the same small item can count as one, like a set of bowls for all the characters. Coordinate with each other on what you're taking and who carries what. Any questions you have need to be asked there. I'll gather the responses and post a consolidated post as followup.
By Deleted User 69497
After Elder Tarfin dismisses the group, they scurry off to gather the equipment and supplies they'll need to help them. They all head to gather backpacks, and look through the different options provided.

Saffron chooses a pack made with mixed color maple leaves and sewn together with vines, which also
provide the straps. Toby chooses next weighing a folded leaf sling satchel as his first choice, but looking over the others options before finally settling on a hollowed out acorn, which will provide not only space to store stuff, but also a bit of protection if it is needed. But while he was indecisive, Pip grabs a non-descript gray sack for his items. Snack Snatcher, wanting to travel as light and quick as possible goes for a dark green moss pouch in which to store her items, while Cheeky taking more time to decide finally settles on a palm leaf and plant fiber backpack.

Once they have their packs, they head off in different directions gathering what equipment they need.

Saffron and Toby head to the kitchen, where Firepetal, the chief cook, watches Saffron as she gathers a clay skillet, some wood dishes and cutlery, and a couple of chef knives. ”What are you going to be doing with those,” she asks the reddish-gold mouse, who just mentions that Elder Tarfin needs them to head off somewhere for something. The thought of any mouse willingly wanting to go more than a few hundred feet from their home frightens Firepetal. Why would any mouse need to venture off when there is more than enough food just outside the entrance. While Saffron was talking with Firepetal, Toby grabbed a few handfuls of food to stick inside his backpack.

Pip, the studious one of the group, heads back to her room and packs up some pulped wood paper and a few thin pieces of charcoal, in case she needs to record anything. Along with this she packs some tools that she keeps when she feels like tinkering. Someday she hopes to get skilled enough to make things to help out the community. Finally she looks back and forth trying to decide whether to pack some food, or to grab a book she thinks will help. After a bit of indecisiveness, she had takes down the book she had on her bookcase. It is a book by BA Greyfur, who had ventured into the woods and land near their home and had written down his findings. She thinks this might help her with finding food and is a better bet than just carrying some.

Snack Snatcher, who has more experience with doing unmouselike things, grabs a fire kit with two pieces of flint bound with twine. She also grabs a small seashell with some scented crushed berries in it. Applying these to her fur can cause her to not only look different, but also smell different in case anyone is looking for her... something she has experienced frequently in the past. She also grabs a bag of sand that has multiple uses and a ball of silken rope.

Cheeky heads to the armory first, although to call it an armory is quite a bit of an overstatement as it is really not much more than the tool storage room. She grabs a wooden spade, sharpened at one end, and useful for climbing, walking, and fighting, if need be. She also grabs some palm leaves and ropes made out of plant fibers, both of which she can use to make other items as the need may arise.

Having finished his foray into the kitchen, Toby stopped by his room and picked up a shortened stick that he had trained in defense with, and that could be used for walking. Leaving his room, he headed to the tool room where he passed Cheeky as she was coming out of it. Looking around at what was available, he picks up a large coil of plant twine, that should be strong enough to hold him, if needed.

All in all it takes the five about an hour before the assemble at the entryway, ready to make their way forward. Elder Tarfin is waiting for them as they gather and wishes them, ”Good luck and make good speed. I hope things work out for all of us, for I would hate to lose more of you. If you don't find anything in a reasonable time, come back. Don't stay out forever for something that may never be found,” he finishes by saying.

As they head out the door, he waves at them as they head off.

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