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I age regress and am demisexual. So I only feel sexually attracted to people I have a real emotional connect with, I also really do not like being touched never have, I will cuddle and hug people but it has to be on my terms and it is usually people I have known awhile. I am not into the MDLG aspect of this. I regress because of trauma I have been through in my life.
From what I see in the many online communties, it's not uncommon to be a non-sexual Little. It may actually be more common, but I'm also not taking notes.

I'm non-sexual during Little Space but not so much when I am wearing my grown-up pants. I'm deeply uncomfortable with sexual themes when I am in such a young and vulnerable state of mind. I don't judge anyone else who might be sexual ageplayers or age regressors but I personally do not consent to witnessing it.
I'm asexual too. I find it icky and makes me feel sick most of the time. I'm so glad that my hubby doesn't mind at all. I don't think littlespace should be sexual... seems wrong to me. I know it's a thing, just my personal opinion, not trying to cause drama. eww drama yuk.
I identify myself as gray ace and panromantic. For the longest time I thought I was pansexual. It's only in the last year that I got comfortable saying I'm ace spec as I've connected more with my little side. I realized that I'm just not looking for or particularly interested in a sexual relationship, which I kind of always knew. I told my sister and she's convinced that I'm still pansexual and don't actually know if I'm gray ace because I've never had sex, hehe. Silly sis, I would be perfectly happy to stay a virgin for the rest of my life if that's how things turn out for me. :splode:
Hi, I am what I guess can be termed as grey sexual, but I don't really like the idea of sex at all. It totally freaks me out. It's hard to find someone who is understanding of that and my little space. I keep getting told that "I just haven't found the right person yet" which is exhausting
Oh wow. I'm amazed how many replies this thread has gotten.

I'm what's considered "heteromantically asexual." I've been interested in girls since I was a little kid but when puberty came the whole "you're supposed to like sex now" switch never got flipped. I absolutely love physical contact and public displays of affection, but I've just never been comfortable with the idea of "connecting" with someone sexually. :>.<:
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