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You know you're a little when:

- Changing your bedsheets is a big undertaking, because all those stuffies/plushies have to be taken off the bed first.
- A visit to the toy section is an automatic part of any visit to a store that has one.

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By teddyNdummy
Ooooh, a game?

You know you're little when:
You get genuinely excited when something involves stickers. Even if it's just sticking a stamp on a letter!
You wake up and your teddy/stuffie isn't in your arms and you could just cry!!
You know you're a little when:
--A message from your mommy, daddy, or caregiver makes you break into a smile for no apparent reason.
--Falling asleep in your big's lap is a normal occurrence, even if your big self isn't much into cuddling.
you know your a little when:
- mommas calls you her little anything and you blush like no other
- every single stuffie ever is your new best friend and the most adorable thing ever
- little kids shows are just as fun if not more than the big kids shows
You know you're a little when :

You are having an adult conversation with someone but the TV in the background is open on a kid show so you struggle listening to this person.

- When you are at the stores looking for adult things but only end up in the kid section.

- When you have 3 cousin the same age as you but yet you are the only one who still receive tons of gift on Holidays cuz everybody knows you are needy x3

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You know you're a little when:

- your Pandora playlist consists of Kidz Bop, Disney songs, and Movie Musicals
- you get mad at your younger siblings for scratching/ losing your Disney DVDs
- your coworkers randomly cuddle you just because you look upset

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