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Share favorite or interesting recipes.
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Well, living close to Denmark we eat a lot of open sandwiches on rye bread. My favourite toppings are eggs and pickled herring with chives. Egg and shrimps with mayo, dill and lemon. Fried breaded plaice with remoulade sauce. Fried eggs and sausage.
We also have The Bestest Sandwich Ever!!! Sandwich cake 😋. Big slices of white bread, layered like a cake with different fillings between like chopped eggs or cured salmon or shrimps or crab sticks mixed with seasoned mayo and crème fraiche. Then the cake is artfully decorated with vegetables and shrimps, cured salmon, cheese, ham, thinly sliced roast beef or similar.
A smaller version is a gang plank, a long thin sandwich starting from “the ocean” to land. Cured salmon, shrimps, eggs, cheese, ham, roast beef and suitable vegetables and sauces 😋. It’s to be eaten from ocean to land too… 😁
My aunt first made me a peanut butter and honey sandwich on a soft tortilla and now I make it more on regular bread and sometimes with banana too. I also make a Nutella sandwich on flour tortillas or white/rye bread also sometimes with banana and they're both delicious 😋
If Deadly Premonition taught me anything, Turkey, Raspberry jam, and a breakfast cereal (like Chex) makes for a great combination with a well rounded texture profile. Same with putting potato chips on a PB&J, with the added bonus of different chips adding to the flavour.

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