A munch is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in this adult dynamic. Feel free to toss around your ideas for a local munch meet-up or list dates, times, and locations for already-set munches.
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Hello everyone!
With fall beginning and Halloween around the corner, I thought a pumpkin picking trip might be fun!

Where: TBD
Depending on who wants to go, we'll pick a patch that's easiest to get to!
When: A weekend in October
We'll compare schedules and decide as people show interest.
After events may vary.
Who: Anyone 18+
While this will be a PG-13 event (no accounting for language) minors will not be allowed. Everyone else is welcome.
Why: To pick pumpkins, make friends, and have fun!

-Be respectful
-Dress in street clothes. No visible diapers, little paraphernalia, or other adult interest-wear
-No asking others to be your Daddy/Mommy/little/etc. This event is for making friends.
-Rules are subject to change

Interested? Questions? Wanna just talk to me?
Send me a message or kik me!

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