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Hi there!

I am 18, and still live with my parents. I don’t have things that are expressly little, like pacis or onesies, but some places I hide my things are in my bookshelf, under my pillow but in the pillowcase (only if it’s soft, but apparently that’s a good place to keep pacis and small things like that), between my mattress and the slats if it’s flat, and in the pockets of my hoodies that I have in my closet. Also in blanket drawers are good places. Just keep it spread out, and it’ll be less conspicuous.
:pheart: Yeah I live with my mom and brother and for Christmas got my first paci and she freaked out, all my CGS are online and she doesn't know that but she would take my paci from me and say things like "look at the fat stupid baby b!tch" and it hurts but we recently moved and now I have my own room and so I hide everything in there, she thinks it's weird I got a onesie but it's whatever, I have a princess tent but I said it's for my plushies, I sleep with my paci at night and hide it under a blanket... It sucks but one day I won't hide it when I have my own place :pacy: :pinkh: :pheart: :bheart: I'm also bi and poly and she doesn't know and I'm scared to tell her
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I live with my family and they know about my littlespace but they aren't supportive so these are things I have found work for me
1.if you're to scared to ask your family for little gear then ask a trusted friend to help you get them
2.if your situation is to dangerous for things like bottles,pacis,e.t.c you could get discreet things like coloring books or stuffed animals
3. If your little age is really young ( for example under the age of 5) or you feel like you need someone to watch you while regressed call/text a trusted friend
I hope these things help anyone that needs it :yay:
By Deleted User 71056
i rent a room and know there would be questions and confusion if they saw me walk out of my room with my pacifier in mouth. They all respect my privacy here though so i don’t really have to hide anything other than just not going out of my room with any of it. Daddy’s parents also would find it weird so i’ll use stuff around Him but hide it from His parents when i’m over there. (she has a more supportive family than i do so during COVID struggles He’s with them while i rent a room because my family sucks lol). It’s not a major thing to hide it and if i get to needing Him to take care of me they all understand it’s part of my mental health so no one finds it odd when my speech gets more little like and i can’t think.
By Deleted User 71090
I just found my little side and I don't hide my stuff like colouring pens or stuffed toys. I just say people who are judgemental that, I use them to relieve my stress. So, they believe in it and leave me alone.
I don't hide things like plushies and toys from my family because they've been used to me liking plushies for years and I even make my own sometimes, but I do hide the fact I regress and will hide any more overtly little stuff I get (pacis, sippy cups, clothing that can't be explained with Harajuku fashion, etc.) because I'm not sure how my dad would react. I can't move out rn because no money and can't drive.

I did order some pacis recently and they should arrive monday. If my dad asks about the package I'll claim it's fidget toys for my autism and show him ones I already own if I need to. If he sees the pacifiers themselves, I can probably use my autism to explain that too since I've had things to chew on to stim in the past but lost them and I can probably just say I heard they're good for people who chew on headphone cords and stuff to use to not chew on your headphones cords and he'll probably understand that. He also seen how I mangle pens by chewing them to death and has seen the low key horrifying damage I've done to glasses frames chewing on the "arms" of them when I'd take them off to do work throughout middle and high school.

I also might be making a kindergarten uniform based on the ones seen in anime/manga soon but in purple, and that I can explain with cosplay if anyone sees.
Hi! I'm 20, and I think I even hide my little from myself. I think I'm too constantly stressed and in survival mode to even fully regress. I once in a blue moon notice my thoughts slipping slightly, but I'm still aware and 95% big. I live with people who would never understand, and are toxic. I don't know what to do. I don't want to wait a year or two to find my own place the try to regress. Anyone know how I can help this process?
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