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Little friends! How do you know what your little age is? I've been asked by a couple people including my Daddy but I'm not really sure how I would figure out my little age? Is it based on behavior, interests..? I've just never really known how to figure it out!

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By PrincessArielM
I don't really have one. :) You don't necessarily have to have a specific age to be little.

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I went to the library one day and there was a book titled "it's hard to be five". My daddy read it to me and I just really connected to it and I reflected on my little-self and I realized that most of the time I act like a five or six year old. So that's how I came to realize my little age. :)

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That's really cool xD I joke around a lot with my Daddy when we're in front of people and I act kind of little and they look at me a little weird, so I'm like "yeah I'm actually 5" so I guess that's how I became curious about what my "age" would be!

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Well me personally i just based mine on my interests and what i felt. I like drinking out of sippy cups, coloring, cuddling and beauty and the beast. I cry and throw a fit when i don't get my way lol, so i feel really little. I pinpointed my little age to be 2-4[emoji4]. I guess its pretty much what age you feel or thats what it was like for me. I hope i helped a little bit[emoji4]

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I mainly like coloring, watching Netflix with my Daddy, I use a paci but not super into sippy cups. I like arts and crafts a lottt! I get really whiny when I don't get things I want but no tantrums (: I'm still finding out what all I like to do though

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