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LittleRaven666 wrote:I must have atlas one light on in the house in order to get to sleep. Im 18 and are terribly afraid of the dark.
I complete get that, I psych myself out when my room is totally dark and I'm alone I have to reach my arm around my door and quickly turn on the light before I even think of walking in by myself.
Yes I have a string of Halloween lights I keep on during the night
I'm 25 so don't feel bad or embarrassed it's just something you're scared of it's ok everyone is scared of something

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I use my salt lamp as my night light, rarely I need it pitch black. It also just helps for when i get up in he middle of the night to go to the bathroom so i can see. :D :D :D :D :D also salt lamps have added health benefits.
What kinds of nightlights do you guys use???????
I am an insomniac, and I actually have a gentle color-changing nightlight that projects softly onto my wall in my bedroom in front of the bed. It goes slowly from green to red to blue, and it knocks my out almost each and every time. Whenever I have a bad dream, I watch it a little bit too and it helps me calm down. Makes me almost cry a little too, because when I was little I had one with a fish background, and this is themed the same, (But has floating fish instead, which sleep at the bottom unless I shake it) It turns off during the day on its own, but since I have blackout curtains, I like to keep it on sometimes.

You are definitely not alone on this.
As I've gotten older, I've needed darker rooms to sleep in, but, unfortunately, my brain didn't get the memo that I should correspondingly be less afraid of the dark. Boo. :-(

What I wound up doing is buying a ton of motion sensitive lights (surprisingly cheap on Amazon), and strategically setting them up. This way, the monster under the bed will trigger the light when he moves, alerting me to his presence! Also, I won't smack myself into the door frame when I try to walk to the bathroom in the dark.
Yeah. Hehe I use my tv or basically anything else available as a nightlight. I've always been scared of the dark. And if I have to sleep in the dark, then I need to have somebody else in the room with me for me to be able to pull it off (did fine in the dark with my roommate and whenever I sleep with my daddy I feel fine in the dark). So basically whenever I'm home or my roommate is gone, a light goes on 😄
i have a super cool Spiderman night light!!! i am very ascared of the dark. :tears: my DD thinks it is cute and doesn't mind my night light. when i am sleeping with him i don't always need it though because he protects me from the scary things in the dark. :heart:
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