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hai i am foxy and i wanted to know do you like adult binkies better or baby binkies?? :hi: i really love adult binkies they feel better on my teeth only problem is i chew on them non stop what about chu??? anyway that my only question hope to hear from yall
I like to mod them! adult squishy bit on a baby pacifier, that way I can have dinos or disney characters! I chew on mine a lot too :P Im gonna paint a mam pacifier with bemax so it will match the big hero six clip I have. maybe once my anxiety isn't so bad I'll start a shop and sell some, in the mean time more for me!
wellllll I haven't used a baby paci ever since I was a real baby, but I absolutely love my adult one, it helped me stop sucking my thumb, it helps me fall asleep and it can help to calm me down when I feel anxious (not to mention it makes it much easier to go into little space) but yeah I'd imagine using a baby one would be a bit uncomfortable for your mouth and stuff. Either way, yay pacis! :craze:
Hi! I love adult binkies or pacis, they do feel better for my mouth and help with anxiety you know? I use it to sleep too...while cuddling with my rhino (stuffie)
There are really cute ones with custom colors and glittery stuff on them too, i've been buying them since i discovered dd/lg and little space :)
I love using the six month plus ones. for me they fit better in my mouth since it's on the small side. I tend to still be able to chew on them like normal which is very helpful during anxiety attacks.It's really up to the user to b perfectly honest.
By Lacie828
I've never used an adult pacifier but I want to try one. I have two baby pacifiers that are 18+ month and I really like them! It took me a little while to get use to them but I've had them for almost 8 months now and so far they've perfect! I do wonder if adult pacifiers feel different though? :pacy:
Hi there, I love the adult pacis, they do feel a lot better on my teeth. Though the baby pacis do have cute designs which I wish there was a company who sold adult packs with cute designs. I have like 3 Mickey ones and 2 zoo animal ones that are baby ones. I think that though the price of the baby ones are less but the adult ones do feel better, why do people charge so much for one paci that you just added stickers to?
Well for me, I prefer the baby pacifiers. I have tried an adult pacifier and I don't like the way it fits or feels in my mouth I think it's just too big for me. I know the baby pacifiers aren't good for your teeth but I don't use them all too often and then just feel better to me and they are much more comfortable for me and help sooth me a bit more.
Hi, I haven't tried pacifiers, I am kind of new to ddlg, i want to buy myself one or several, but I don't know how to tell my family that I want a pacifier :nodyes: i would like a snoopy one though, the one when snoopy sleeps. I simply love that one.
By fireofreason
I feel that a pacifier should fit the littles mouth, bi mouth, big paci, small mouth small paci. It's really quite simple, also if you can find one that helps the little identify that's a plus too. Blue for boys or pink for girls, maybe ones with dinosaurs or some with hello Kitty.

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