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does anyone else have to hide their littleself? i live with my family and i know they wont understand if i come out to them so i have it hide my littleself... which makes it hard to buy little stuff...where do you guys buy little stuff? do you hide them? if so where?
I have to hide from my family. I've ordered a onsie and a paci set from little for big on amazon and i ordered with some other things so my parents would be distracted with the other iteams and not care about the little stuff. My mom did ask some questions so i told her it was some christmas presents. i usually hide everything in my drawer and in an old backack. I hope this helps :pacy:
Hi there!
I am 18 and live with my family and I hid my little self since I was 3 or four!
I didn't know what these feelings were till a few years ago but I eventually told my mom and she didn't love it, heck she still doesn't like it or understand it. Even though she knows, I feel I can't buy anything without her finding out but I do have a onesie that she got me because I have a sister who got one and because it was "in style" when my sister said she wanted one, I demanded one as well.
By ALittleResigned
Hi there!

I'm 20 and though I don't live with my family anymore, I know that they will never understand, they come over a lot. Before I accepted my little, I've always accepted my submissive nature in relationships. My mother found out and things were really, really bad, so I realized I had to and will likely always have to hide it. I've always run errands and picked up things while I was out, mixing it into what I needed. Or when I order something I order something that seems really normal. Sometimes I've had to order things for dates when I know they won't be around. It can be hard, but it's better than stifling yourself.

: )
I do. And i swear its freaking hard i mean weally weally hard. Like ik my fam wont understand either but when i hanging out with my daddy mostlikely spending de nights dea i like twlling my fam i staying with a friend an telling my friends i stay with a family member because i seriously know dey wont get it and wont like it most likely. Ik people say i grown and stuff id have to tell people my business iy jus my family an friends arnt really jus people dey are ones i care about and who thoughts abour me i value. I dont wan dem bein upset, disapointted, or lukin at me like i am crazy. I mean dea are strong people out dea who can say what dey wanna say an tell people about dem selves. I cant i not dat strong yet i barely can lie about dis gud enough. I not much help in advice to how to deal with not wanting to tell or being able to tell but i can say that ur not the only one and i can honestly say i understand and know how u feel because i do.
I'm just me. I don't hide.

I mean, I don't go around telling people I'm twisty and like to pretend my boyfriend is my daddy... But if I want jammies with feets on them, by golly, I will proudly squee all the way to my tootsies!

That said, sometimes you can get away with subtle stuff. Rompers are in, for example. And apparently the body suit is making a comeback for ladies? Cute pajamas are just cute pajamas unless someone says otherwise. And my collection of Care Bears is just nostalgia as far as anyone else knows. Coloring for adults is a thing. Cartoons? Man, adults have been watching cartoons for decades now.

Just go with it.
This is actually a problem for daddies too. Besides ex littles I've only ever told two ppl (neither of them family) and had a really big falling out with a friend over it cause he considered it a form of child involvement. Needless to say I honestly fear telling anyone else which really saddens me cause I love who and what I am.
i live with two roommates (in my own room) and it's really hard to hide being a little sometimes. i keep everything in drawers except for my two favorite stuffies tucked in between my bed and the wall, and i keep all my coloring books with the spines backward on my bookshelf. sometimes i color when they can see but honestly i don't think they think it's that strange, its just something i do for fun occasionally to them. amazon is my saving grace since everything comes in generic boxes obviously.
I also live with my family and at first I had trouble hiding my little self. My family doesn't really come into my room so it is easy to hide my stuff in there. I ordered a paci from amazon and the packaging was very 'secret' and I hide it in a drawer in my room. When I am in little space tho I usually lock my door
I am 29 and still hide my little side. I have only told a few friends but they immediately said that it did not shock them and that they picked up on it by my actions. I tend to get super excited about little things and it is hard for me to control it. My family does not know. I live with only my daughter and she knows I love stuffies and coloring and blankies but not that I regress. I hide everything else from her, pacis, diapers, bibs, etc. My family does know I like older Daddy types. I don't think they would understand the regression stuff though.
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