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I'm asking to hear everyone's reply about what puts them into little space c: I'm curious about all the different scenarios or situations that makes you guys feel little /.\ ::3:

Things that make me feel little include:

  • Daddy telling me no or being stern (or using his Daddy voice
  • The smell of baby lotion or baby powder
  • Getting comfy with my stuffies after a long day
  • Wearing a paci
  • Hearing Daddy call me his little girl
  • Getting read a bedtime story
  • Taking a nap with my warm blankie
  • Drinking out of my sippy
  • Daddy asking me if I got all my chores done like a good girl
A lot of mine are the same as yours!
- When Daddy calls me his good girl (instantly into little space lol)
-Wearing diapers
- Using my Pacifier
- Snuggling my stuffies
- Coloring
- Using a sippy cup or bottle
-When Daddy uses his stern voice or disciplines me.
- When Daddy puts me in the corner (hate that one lol)

Do many things make me slip into little space but the biggest one is just the way my Daddy speaks to me.
Mine are:
-Daddy babying me or saying Im his little girl and he has to take care of me.
-Sucking my thumb
-Drinking out of a sippy or bottle
-The smell or baby lotion and baby powder
-The baby aisle in the store.
-Seeing adorable toddlers when Im out. Makes me wanna play XD
-And the biggest one (besides daddy) is the sound of my baby rattle. Every time I pick it up, I smile so big and it gives me shivers down my spine XD Plus its like a cute little hedgehog stuffie.
For me, getting into my littlespace involves:

-wearing and using my diapers
-Drinking from my bottl
-Daddy asking if I went potty or if I have to go potty
-Snuggling my stuffies
-Having my hair petted
-Sucking my paci
-Being cuddled under warm blankies till I fall asleep
-Being carried around
i go into little space when my son tells me no, when i watch cartoons and when i am really relaxed. there are times i go into little space when it is bedtime and i cuddle with my teddy bear. sometimes when i am texting with my former daddy i am in little space.
Mine (so far) are:
Bubble Baths
My stuffie XingBaby
Having my hair pet
Something apple or orange scented
Pet names (baby, baby girl, princess, etc)
Being told I'm a good girl
Sucking my thumb
Being called cute
I think being around a dom that I trust will put me into little space. Or if someone gives me the "knock it off" kinda look (that makes me giggle a bit and regress instantly). A good regressor for me is using my paci and having a sippy cup full of juice
i get really little when:

  • i watch cartoons or anime
  • i wear my totoro onesie :heart:
  • i wear bright or pastel colors
  • my daddy calls me baby boy :heart:
  • my daddy does things for me
  • i bake sweets :heart:
  • i smoke
  • i color or draw :heart:
  • i snuggle daddy
  • i snuggle my stuffies
  • i snuggle my daddy and my stuffies :heart:
  • i come to my little space tumblr or twitter, or littlespaceonline, another site, or another forum
By Deleted User 42322
::3: ::3: ::3: ::3:

• I get really excited and happy a lot and I feel little
• My unicorn (they're like the one from Despicable Me and I can't wait to get more stuffies to keep them company)
• Watching cartoons (Gumball is my favorite)
• Being treated really sweet
• My Lisa Frank notebook
• Glitter
• Menchies
• Coloring
• Fidget spinners
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