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When I has snuggles with a Daddy and he gives me kissies on the cheek and tells me I his sweetie pie. I likes that the best!
Also when I get to have my colouring table in hims office so I can colour in my own books when him sits at hims desk and does boring stuff like work. Yep! Thats the best too!
I'm always in little space I walk around with a dummy in my pocket , I ^talk^ little without reaLising , candy bars and cake make me regress even further same with cuddles from my daddy /partner .

Only complaint from my daddy /partner if I can be very childish when it comes to relationship arguments... I get very stroppy and stamp my feet .. I don't do well with conflict resolution; my daddy/parter wins at that one . I'm currently saving up for my first onesie, I have clothes that pass as little but it's not the same
.. think I will feel whole and complete when I finally get one.

My daddy/parter saying we cannot be intimate when I'm in my little clothes /little mind set as he wants to keep it separate and completely innocent;which I completely understand .

Here’s a few things that make me little, I’m still trying out what works and what doesn’t for me, but so far it’s;

-“little” clothes, mainly cute skirts and shirts in fun, girly patterns, colors or styles
-cuddling with my stuffies (I tend to carry them around the house with me when I’m feeling or wanting to be little)
-leaving my hair down, because I usually keep it up when I’m doing big things, like chores or I’m at work
-music from kids shows, or tweeny pop music (the Caramella Girls is a big one)
-kids shows, like Winx Club and MLP
-sippy and straw cups, with juice
-drinking soda out of a plastic cup without ice (weird maybe?)
-wrapping myself up in my blankets like a burrito
-coloring books!
-stickers! stickers! stickers! :craze:
-a sippy cup
-chewing on teethers
-cute shoes! like my unicorn sandals!
-watching kiddy tv shows like mlp or octonauts!
-or movies, like curious george, rugrats, mlp, TINKERBELL, barbie, monster high!
-cuddling in my blankets, especially my abc, mlp, or my zebra blanket (which has a zebra head on the hood and the hoofs are little mitts for my hands) :sleep:
-playing with play dough!
-listening to little kid music and dancing :shuff:
-cuddling with my stuffies!! :stuffie:
-little kid foods like a sandwich cut into small triangles
- and cuddles and being picked up!! :splode:
  • Daddy calling me "baby girl", "little girl", "little one", "sweet pea", etc.
    My stuffies (especially the one my daddy bought me recently
    Cute animes (Sailor Moon especially)
    Snacks like Teddy Grahams and animal crackers
    Daddy playing with my hair
    Daddy pulling me into his lap
    Hair clips
    Cute animals and fishes

Ahh I just love all of these things!
Being put in diapers pretty much automatically puts me in little space, but also a big trigger for me is the way I'm spoken to or treated. Talking to me like a little girl puts me into little space.
• Hearing my favorite tv show themes (Zobumafoo, Wonder Pets, etc)
• Pulling freshly washed towels out of the dryer (I always end up burying myself in them 😅)
• Smelling coffee (I dont like drinking it, but we would always stop by Starbucks on family road trips)
• Puzzles
• Dot to dots
• Seeing things that look like entirely different things or could be a secret base!! (i.e. a tree that has thick branches could be a tree house!)
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