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Littles here answer questions about being a Little.
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I would say, the more the better for me, if my Caregiver picked out my clothes I would probably not be able to talk for a while cause it would put me so deep in little space, but I would never ask for it because I would get too shy/scared. but I do think there would be a point where I wouldn't feel safe with them doing something for me, like, I had a caregiver who couldn't plan dates ^^; they just went wrong a lot of the time, so I wouldn't let them plan the date and I would take over that part
I think because of my little age being around 1 1/2 to 2 years old, there is quite a bit that I have allowed my previous daddy to do and would allow my next daddy to do if he was comfortable with it. Some of the things I like and allow my caregiver to do include,

-checking and changing my diaper regularly
-bottle feeding me (juice, water, milk)
-spoon feed me/cook and prepare food for me
-pick out my clothes for when we are staying in
-brushing my teeth and hair
-bathing me
-tuck me into bed/set a bedtime
-play with me/read to me/cuddle with me
-set rules and punishments

These are just a few things I allow my caregiver to do with me, but if there was something else they felt they should have control over I would be willing to discuss it with them and maybe add it into our relationship
I think this depends on the age a little/middle regresses to. I, for one, am little but not into AB in any way. If you are, heck yeah do you but DDLG and AB (adult baby diaper wearer) are two separate communities. When I’m little I like my care to help me into a submissive role. Getting things for me, watching cute shows with me (I love monster high and mlp and stuff), coloring, and cuddles all help get me into little space. I’m kind of a brat and rules/punishments do the same even though I will fight them with all of my powder pink will. Also little snacks like goldfish and babybel and juice are a great way to care for a little and make them feel dependent on you. Have an awesome day : D
I like to think I can do most things on my own, cuz I'm used to it, but i wouldn't mind my mommy handling some things for when i feel super duper little.
- Being fed and having my meals planned out for me.
- having my money and even some minor health decisions handled by my mommy. No matter how hard I try on my own its not easy so having someone handle it for me would be really good
I know that I do have to be a full functioning adult sometimes and like everyone I struggle a bit financially. Beyond buying me little gifts or food and maybe helping me only when i really really cant do it on my own I draw the line at letting my Daddy pay my bills if I'm able to pay them on my own.. It puts me in a very insecure mental space if I'm financially dependent on my Dom.

I do enjoy the things like Daddy maybe brushing my hair, or Daddy cleaning me in the showe/bath.
I like being fed randomly and being protected from things I can normally handle like holding a knife to cut fruit, or a glass of water. Its the small things that keep me in little space.

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