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What age-range most closely resembles your most common regression?

Where do you believe you likely fall in terms of relating most of your regression to biological age-ranges?

Please do keep in mind that we have a few educational help pages about comparing your little age to biological age-ranges and that you don't have to hit every single comparison point to closely resemble a range. Generally, a person lists what their regression points usually entails and then looks up age-ranges of those interests and activities to help them more closely determine where their little age often falls. Since you've grown, matured, and have had life experiences you aren't expected to transform back into a clear set of biological boundaries and may have some interests, activities, and skills outside of your regression age-range.

There is no right or wrong answer to your regression comparison range. You are who you are and that's wonderful. There is no group that is better than another group. Adult regression is beautiful.
I like playing games and stuff like a child and I get easily fascinated with puzzles like those 3d puzzle balls. I think I just spend a lot of time trying to cover up everything so no one notices. I wonder how many people do the same and I would never even know.
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