I have decided to finally come out as transgender  [Answered]

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I have decided to finally come out as transgender

Postby Little-Rosie » 3 weeks ago

I have decided to release my true form I'll now be going by Rose Elizabeth Marie Hunt I am a baby girl I don't know if I need to make a new account or what let me know please

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Re: Do I need a new account?  [Answered]

Postby admin » 3 weeks ago

baby-wyatt wrote:... I don't know if I need to make a new account or what let me know please

We realize that sometimes members may need to change their user name on Littlespace Online. If you need to change your username ... then contact the Admin. directly and we can discuss it further to have that taken care of for you.

  • Please do not create a second account on the site because you want a different username.


When you contact the Admin. please include the new username you want shown on your account.

You're also welcome to update your user profile at any time.

- Admin.

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